Hello world. The following was written 1/9/2018.

Apparently there are a bunch of articles going around claiming that Oprah "may be" running for the 2020 election. It seems as if folks are going gaga over the idea of her running for President. What is even more amazing here would be their willingness to close their eyes to all of her "friends" and or social and business "connections". Close their eyes to how she would set up women and girls to be raped by those same friends and business associates. Follow the money and one sees where her loyalties lay and what she is really standing for.

She would be the last person I would look to for leadership. She has been and is a supporter of the Clinton's, Obama's, Weinstein, AND actresses are coming out stating how it was Oprah that would set them up to be raped by Weinstein. Not the kind of being I want anywhere near the White House. Not to forget that she is also best friends with the Obama's and has been under investigation for her "schools and charities" in Africa. Apparently there is some human trafficking or something happening over there….

I did not vote for Trump or Clinton this last election. I could not see myself voting for the lesser of two egos in a manner of speaking. I was faced with voting for one ego over another and could not do it.

Now in this moment I am coming to understand that Trump was the best choice and will do his best to reverse that damage that has been done since Kennedy's murder in 1963. Trump was born in the 40's. He grew up in the thick of the intrigue of Nixon, Kennedy and so on. He watched as the perversion of this nation began to occur. His mentor successfully prosecuted a number of people for Treason after the first or second world war. He watched and paid close attention to when, what, where, why, and how it was all done. It is that attention to details he has that is making him able to reverse everything that has been done. He is returning our Sovereignty to us not only as a Nation but as Individual Beings. He is handing us back our rights to govern ourselves…

By the way… It is not him doing these things he has been accused of. Everything he has been accused of is no more than a form of "projection". Those who have been destroying or raping this country and stealing our rights are the ones doing this projecting. That would be the Clinton's, Obama's, Bush's and so forth. All those who have been standing in the way and fabricating these lies are the ones killing this country.

If you have not been seeing or reading their publications, Judicial Watch has been uncovering everything I have been pointing out of late regarding the garbage being put out there about Trump. They have been uncovering the collusion of the last administration, DOJ, CIA, FBI, and the mainstream media all colluding to get Hillary into office and to stop anything that Trump tries to do at all costs. That everything they are accusing him of is a lie. I am basing everything off of proven facts as well as the information my Guides have been giving me to connect the dots of how each one of these people are connected one unto the other.

By the way, I have NOT included in that list Hollywood, the DNC, and the major corporations nor the myriad other countries that are playing a part in this… The picture being painted by this dot to dot landscape is twisted and demented when seen as a whole. Buried under all of those twisted meanings and lies is a Truth that is barely discernible through the devastation these lies have wrought.

The Trumpet has sounded. The masses are awakening to these Truths and standing up, making a stand against the travesties being propagated against them. No longer will they accept their slavery willingly…

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.