Hello world. The following was written 01/11/2020.

It seems many of my brothers are lost in the darkness of a nightmare of beliefs. They seem to hold a belief that if their brothers are not thinking and believing as they are choosing to, their brothers are insane and to be vilified. They seem to believe they are critical thinkers, free thinkers and believe they are not following a group thinking system.

They do all of this declaring while sharing their judgmental labels and opinions of those whom they believe are thinking and believing differently from them. After reading through their commentary I found myself responding to them after they made these particular statements.

My brother states, "Their problem is, they have a ravenous need for INSTANT GRATIFICATION.

They don't understand that it takes time to come back from the BRINK OF OBAMA'S ATTEMPT AT DESTROYING THE US.

Household median income IS on the rise. But it's not gonna happen overnight. But they think that if it's not happening IMMEDIATELY, then it's a lie.
They're kind like my kids were at the age of 6.

Yup…that's about right."


"Actually she uses her fucking common sense and critical thinking skills, and is able to step back and look at ALL aspects of the subject, at hand.

She is a fucking free thinker, that isn't fond of following any certain "crowds"…

Stop assuming shit."

They were referring to themselves in a third person mode and were not even aware of it, as well as projecting out what they want to believe on those around them. I was guided to respond to them and that which they were choosing to believe in.

My response, "Nothing is as it may seem. What you think you perceive so believe is an illusion being handed to you. You presume and assume while flinging labels projecting what you believe of yourself on those around you. Have there been improvements under Trump? Yes. Has there been false data being fed to We The People about what is really happening? Yes. Is it Trumps fault that we are fed this data? Not really.

Up to this point there has been moles in the Hill undermining everything this administration has been trying to accomplish. Those moles are the ones who have been feeding this data to the masses. Slowly Trump is clearing out the rodents in the Hill. Nothing is as it may seem. Much of that which is viewed on main stream news sources is skewed propaganda. Just as everything you have ever been taught to think and believe in was no more than propaganda used to indoctrinate you and everyone else in the world to conform and comply willingly with your own slavery out of fear of being punished for not complying.

You believe you think for yourself. I must inform you, that you do not. You, like the rest of Humanity, are the walking dead. You do not know who you are, what you are, how you got here nor what your purpose for being is. You see yourself and those around you as a victim not understanding you create your own hell for yourself. You blindly accept, follow and believe what you read in a book or your chosen authority figures tell you without question.

Your blind belief is your downfall for it imprisons you in a cage you build yourself. It shackles you in place going no where wondering why no one can see your value or worth. Your mask is askew so no longer hides the false façade of bitterness and grief you think to hide. They eat at you and spew forth showing the ugliness within your heart for yourself and others. No amount of makeup can hide that kind of pain.

As Alex stated you can only perceive in black or white. You cannot see the millions of shades of grey in between them. You cannot perceive how the people around you are no different than you. That you are all EQUALS in all ways. That the only differences between you are held in your own mind as the judgmental labels you were trained to accept so believe in. You have been indoctrinated and do not even know it.

Religion, society and government are all the same thing. Religion created society and then created the government to run that society. Each new life brought into that society is indoctrinated to blindly accept, follow and believe in an authority and that the authority may punish them however they choose if the do not conform, comply and subjugate themselves to that authority when dictated. What they are indoctrinated into is a slave market. They are trained slaves working and slaving for someone else always in fear of having everything taken away from them by the authority, even their life.

How is that for an eye opener to what your reality actually is? You are living in an illusion of freedom. Your government, religion and society have you prostituting yourself to survive and I do not mean in the context of sex either. You sell yourself as a servant to better those around you who are already in a better position than you are. How ironic is that choice in ones life to try and stay stagnant? You better others yet not yourself… Why do you suppose that is? It is because you do not like yourself let alone love yourself. Look in your mirror and ask yourself why you hate yourself and you will understand why you are not happy. Why you are bitter and angry all of the time.

All your anger does is hurt you as it eats at you from within. Your choices to judge is what is hurting you. If you want that pain to end you have to look at it and ask why you chose it. No one is required to think like you or believe as you do. Hell, you were never required to believe as you are choosing to. You only think you were required to. It came part and parcel with that indoctrination.

By the way, neither Alex nor I voted for Trump last time around. We did not vote for Hillary either. We could not see choosing between two egos. We have been watching what Trump is doing and that which the rest of the world has been doing. We watch what is happening and research it using the governments own websites, answered FOIA Requests and sites like Judicial Watch and the Federal Court documents they are constantly releasing from lawsuits against the government. We do not get all our information from one place, yet will share those who have the most relevant.

Alex and I have been running our own business in California's Bay Area for 20 years now in the IT Industry. Things in this state are SHIT! A law just passed that has literally cut jobs for thousands of freelance writers and contractors throughout the state. The companies we would do work for are now going to be forced to hire us on as employees with benefits if they want us to do any work for them. That would mean we would literally have to shut down our own company of 20 years or face conflicts of interest in working for ourselves and possibly a competitor of theirs. You see not everything is wonderful and improving for everyone.

Some of us are seeing an entirely different picture here. Alex and I have been homeless living in an RV for 7 months now. We had no choice but to move into an RV due to the cost of rent and no one likes pit bulls. We lost our home when the family member we were buying it from decided to renege on the written contract because the houses value had tripled from what they were selling it to us for. They got the insurance company we were paying for to defend them in court. Needless to say it did not end well after 2 1/2 years in court as you can see. We have no home anymore due to someone else's greed. You see good people get screwed every day. Some of us have figured out just how fucked up the system really is and are doing our best to get the fuck out of it.

Some of us have awakened from the illusion of the indoctrination…"

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.