Isolation, Quarantine and rapid changes in lifestyle of billions – that is the reality of 2020-s. Many people have lost their jobs, many have lost their relatives, many have lost all hope.

Main reasons why pandemic hit so hard on people`s mental health is a bad combination of factors – social isolation, economy crisis and lose of close relatives. Every of this factors is a problem for mental health by itself, but when it is spreading globally, when mass-media only making situation worse by spreading misinformation and distrust , and when all 3 factors comes at ones – that is a really serious blow for mental health.

But I times like this I remind you , that you are not alone. If you need to talk about your problem – you can always ask for help in our group psychological help. Just send me a private message. Sessions are completely anonymous. The first session, or the first day for texting is completely free. We know that it is a hard times – so we also decided to take gooddollars (that you cant get for free as UBI from  site) for second and other upcoming sessions. It is just 200 G$ for session.

There are a lot of ways to cope with loses, to combat hardship of psychological problems. Most of the people were blind to such things until they become affected. But now almost everyone is affected. SO don’t keep it all to yourself – call us. We don’t judge anyone, we don’t call any authorities on you, we don’t share your info with anybody. We just here to help.