Hello world. The following was written 1/13/2017.

A brother asks, "What's it like out there?? Outside the body, what did you see, feel, and learn? What did you remember? I would love to hear every detail…"

My response, "For me there was a sense of disconnect from everything. All the pain and suffering I was in, in that moment was gone. I was outside of my body watching what was happening around me. As I observed I could hear what was verbally being said as well as the thoughts going through the minds of those around me. As I observe I am joined by two pure Light Beings. These Beings have come to me each time I have died and left my body. Each time They speak with me about what I have experienced and what it is I would like to do. It is my choice to stay or go. To stay and continue the journey in that body or move to a new body and new experience of Being. That is what I have experienced each time, with two exceptions. They both were days I had asthma attacks.

The first when I was 15 and the second at 26. In each I was more focused on those around me and what they were experiencing in regards of my dying in front of them to notice if my Guides were there. When I was 15 it was my teacher trying to revive me and my classmates watching in shocked horror. As I described above at 26 I was focused on my 5 year old son and helping him help me.

The other point I would like to make is that at both times in my life giving up and walking away or into the Light was not what I was desiring for me right then. I actively was choosing to stay and continue on here. I felt pulled to stay and finish whatever it was I had started. I sense I had a strong will within me that was guiding me to keep going, that was telling me I could do this. And what do you know…here I am…"

Another brother asks, "Wow Sabrina, such a fascinating journey you're having. Such experiences I've never had, or have memory of. Do you feel that you have learned your lesson yet? What is your ultimate goal? Who are you? Have you received/read A Course of Love, by Mari Perron?

God bless you Sabrina Christ."

My response, "I cannot read that book. I have tried. My Guides use my dyslexia to full advantage and make sure I do not read or take in what is not needed. The words looked foreign to me as if I was reading a foreign language like Chinese.

Which lessons would those be? There have been many my brother. Letting go the belief in the judgments handed to me as a child was one. The belief I was unworthy of love or affection and unwanted. The belief that I was only here to be raped, molested, and beaten on was another. To let go my belief that I was insane and imagining or making up being psychic… Which lessons do you speak of brother?"

My brother responds, "Oh Sabrina, I'm so sorry of the beliefs that you have been taught in your life. You are totally worthy of God's gifts to you of unconditional love and unending peace, endless joy and never ending life. Gods will for you is perfect happiness! From your other post He is teaching you that you are doing this to yourself. The lessons that I have learned are that: giving and receiving are one in Truth. And finally that: Love is all there is. God is Love. Love is God.

I don't understand what dyslexia is, but if it some kind of reading disability, I do know that A Course of Love is available in audio book and I have enjoyed immensely listening to it through my stereo while relaxing on the couch. I have been led to you for some reason and I really care for you, and I am able to give you my unconditional love. Sister. Big (((HUG))) to you."

My response, "I am and have been healed all those beliefs brother… You had asked a question. I responded by asking my own questions of you for more clarity. Not your diagnoses of what you think and believe I need..

Let me clarify something else…. As a psychic empath I see visions, hear voices and many other things. Dyslexia is a learning disability that makes comprehension difficult if not impossible for me. Google it! My Guides use this disability to their advantage. Remember I am psychic…. So they use this to block out anything they would not have me HEAR, SEE, and comprehend…."

My brother responds, "Cool Sabrina. That sounds awesome to have this psychic gift. Very intriguing gift and ability. You are a fascinating woman. I'm not sure of why I responded to you the way I did. I guess I just felt like sharing with you what has worked for me because you were sharing with me about what has worked for you. As always, my love to you! Ps. What is your ultimate goal in life?"


My brother responds, " Awesome Sabrina! I ask you then. I am here only to be Truly helpful, and I have been brought to you for a reason. What is the lesson that I am to learn from YOU?

And thank you Sabrina, for your last response in bold letters. That was exactly the answer that I was wanting to hear/looking for. You make my day. Thank you."

My response, "The answer brother is the same as my own. You are here, "TO BE THE LIGHT YOU ARE MEANT TO BE." Consider this… The purpose of the "Teacher" is to teach a student to no longer need the teacher. To teach the student to go within and seek their answers within. Eventually the student will stop coming to the teacher and learn to seek their answers within and no longer without there in the world in another. What I am teaching brother is how to get you to look within and not without for the answers you seek. My goal is to make it so you no longer come to me for the answers you seek. Instead you find them within yourself."

My brother responds, "Thank you Sabrina Christ. Your goal is achieved! I will go inside to the heart of my heart for any further questions. You are awesome. I love you!"

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.