Hello world. The following was written 1/13/2018.

I came across a brothers post today speaking of other brothers being booted from groups. Of how these reactions of removing people who believe differently from them is bothering them. The following was their post and my comments to it of what I came to understand was happening.

My brother states, "Pardon my bluntness but i'm really getting tired of hearing about brothers being booted out of so-called ACIM groups just because they may disagree with the "group's" interpretation of Acim. Fundamentally, anything born of Love, IS Acim. Until you've got that, you're not teaching Acim. There, i feel much better now."

My response, "Hello brother. Glad to see that the hypocrisy is being brought into your awareness. The double talk and the double standards these groups and their admins seem to have and to hold onto. That if one is not conforming to what they think and believe in as being the Truth that Being is to be demonized and ostracized before being removed from their existence. It is what happened to me in the Awakening Together group with the admin. She did not like what I was sharing of my personal experiences and the understandings I was being given. They were in opposition to what she believed and what she was wanting to be true. So she booted me from that group.

That incident was the catalyst I needed to help me see the Truth of what is happening in these groups and why it is they insist on keeping everything secret and closed. They do not want anyone seeing the lies they are telling or how they are using subversive manipulation to control their followers. How all they do is dangle a carrot on a stick as they pick your pockets all the while telling you that you are almost there, you just don't quite get it yet…

It was literally those "teachers" and "gurus" trying to tell me I was doing everything wrong and just needed to shut up and do as they were telling me to do that had me saying FU. How could I be healed of all diseases without medications or surgeries when I look within and questioned what I was taught to believe not be the right way? How is it you all have been doing this stuff for 30+ years and are still dying of illness and diseases such as cancers if you have been doing things right? Something is not lining up here and me thinks what you all are saying is the bullshit that is not in alignment with the Truth…"

Another brother states, "If i judge someone for judging me, who is the wiser judge?"

My response, "Something to consider here brother is that one is able to step back and simply "observe" what is occurring in those moments without judgment. In those moments one may be able to step back and discern the Truth of what is being handed to them by their brother. That their brother is standing in judgment and are actually telling them what it is they believe themselves to be. They recognize in those moments that their brother is simply projecting out what they have chosen to believe themselves to be onto them. In becoming the observer they are no longer reacting in those moments so are not judging what is. In those moments they are accepting what is as it is and are choosing to understand what they perceive manifesting before them instead. They choose to be the observer and not the judge."

Everything we experience is for our benefit. Every experience has a lesson within it that we are here to learn and understand. Each one was created to help us become who we are meant to be and not who we were taught we are supposed to be. How we are choosing to perceive is our responsibility. No one makes these choices for us and they never have. Recognize this Truth and the door will open for you to change your mind and shift your own perspectives on how you are choosing to perceive everything and everyone to be, including yourself.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.