Hello world. The following was written 1/13/2021.

A brother asks, "Do you think that the Catholic Church practices magick or has occult powers???"

My response, "Neither! They use psychology to manipulate so control what their followers think, say, do, believe so perceive all to be. By controlling their minds they control their physical bodies so control them as if they are automatons or robots without a conscious mind of their own. They use ones own mind against them using tactics of fear to control so manipulate all responses the Individual has or expresses."

My brother responds, "Sabrina Reyenga please explain...."

My response, "Hello brother. I have an assignment for you to do that will help break down what it is that is being shared here with you and our brothers who are watching what is being shared here on the sidelines. As Spirit asked me to do at the beginning of my own journey, I will share it with you.

Contemplate who you think you are and are meant to be here. As you contemplate these items write down all that comes into your mind as what you believe in as defining who and what you are and are meant to be here. Make your lists of these items and recognize how each one was a label that was taught to you. Each label has its own definition to be used as what defines who you are, how you act or respond and what it is you are to believe in. Each one controls what you think, see, hear, experience, believe so perceive. Each one is based from what someone else is choosing to believe in and define all to be.

Now consider how each of those labels were taught to you. All you think you know and believe in has been taught to you just as it was taught to those who were teaching it to you. Some of it is taught consciously. MOST of it is taught subliminally subconsciously unconsciously and unknowingly from one generation to the next.

What is used as the catalyst to trigger blind acceptance and belief so adherence and conformity to what is being dictated by an assumed authority figure are judgments and labels that twist what is being perceived to be what it is not with that attachment of the FEAR of being judged as that label so persecuted by all around you.

This is what religion and those who stand behind the pulpit are taught to do. They use the tactic of judgmental labels to coerce so manipulate the desired responses from their followers. They are taught to use ones own mind and emotions to control so manipulate what it is they will think and believe in.

Consider the children outside on the playground making pretend they are cars, robots, animals and so forth. Parents do not judge the child for pretending to be what they are not. They so not condemn the child for making believe they are a monkey so would climb a tree. They accept and allow the child to be as they are in those moments even as they give reminders to be cautious in what they do.

Now consider how religions teach their followers that their Father is an judgmental, angry, vengeful, punishing and hate filled God who persecutes any who do not conform to what a book dictates they are to believe. You are literally taught to blindly follow, accept so believe what you read in a book or is told or taught to you by an "authority figure" is the absolute truth and not to be questioned because they stated it is the truth.

These are the forms of psychological indoctrination all of Humanity is put through unknowingly using non-contact torture for it is FEAR that is being used to control. Sometimes physical torture is used when the mental and emotional tactics stop working. Pain whether mental, emotional or physical are strong catalysts to conformity when it makes the pain stop even if it is only for a short time. Consider the exorcisms, canings and beatings I endured as a child at the hands of the church and my own family. When their words of judgment and actions of ostracism stopped working they turned to violence to get the responses they wanted.

Now consider this aspect of the situation. It did not matter what I was experiencing or what it was they were telling me I was to believe in. It did not matter that they were lying to me and manipulating me. In the end I had to accept responsibility for every single choice I made to accept so believe what they had taught me. Once I accepted FULL RESPONSIBILITY for every single choice I made Spirit showed me I was allowed to stop believing in those things and let them go. That I could now choose something else for myself that resonated within my HEART and not my HEAD as being TRUE for me.

Once I understood the choices I made and why I made them I could let them go and choose differently. I had to SEE what I was doing and had done myself before I could change my mind so change fully that which I was perceiving so believing myself, my brothers and all experiences to be that I was manifesting for myself in my reality at that what I most strongly believed in as being possible for me to experience. What I was focused on back then were fear thoughts. Those fearful thoughts were judgmental beliefs that were taught to me unknowingly and unconsciously by those who were teaching me.

Now do you understand or do you need more clarifications?"

Spirit speaks, "Just as you have chosen to blindly accept, follow so believe what was taught to you, so too did those who were teaching you choose to do as you have done. They are no different than you in what they chose and choose. This makes them your equal in every way for they are no different than you are.

Forgive them for they knew not what they were and are doing. Now forgive yourself for blindly accepting so believing without questioning what you were being taught. As the Scriptures state, "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do." They knew not what they were doing and neither did you, that is until now.

Now that you know what to look at and question you no longer have any excuse to continue to believe as you have been choosing to unless that IS what you now choose. You were never required to believe as you were taught to or are choosing to. You only THINK you are required to. You now know how to discern between the two. Blessings to you on your journey. We await you within as you seek the Truth that shall set you free from the illusion of the shackles you bare unknowingly."

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.

Please be the Light, I see you to be. Please be the Light, I know you to be. Please be the Light, you are meant to be. Please choose to be the Light.