Luis Elizondo

His name is Luis Elizondo, and from around Dec 15th of 2017 until just a couple of days ago, we were convinced he was the Team Lead on a project within the Pentagon known as the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP). But now it appears that the AATIP may HAVE NEVER EXISTED!! In point of fact, multiple FOIA requests have never yeilded ANY RESULTS when it comes to the AATIP. Just ask John Greenewald. 

Famed UFO researcher Richard Dolan, on his April 30th KGRA Podcast "The Richard Dolan Show", revealed that another respected Australian researcher, Paul Dean, has received word from an "impeccable" source that the REAL name for the program may actually have been the Advanced Aviation Weapons System Application Program (AAWSAP)

The problem is this - The New York Times and other major publications ran with the story in it's original form - AATIP. Now the NYT doesn't just publish stories like this on the fly. There's the writers (in this case several, including Leslie Kean), the editor, then a board of review. A story so ground breaking is thoroughly vetted (including legal) before it is released. So what's the real story here? Time will tell. As for the main players, including To The Stars Academy's Tom DeLong, Luis Elizondo, Harry Reid, and Robert Bigelow,  no one has made a comment on this seeming SNAFU.