I decided yesterday to publish some letters from the Pentagon, to myself, regarding AATIP. They came to me earlier in April of this year. (Source letters from Pentagon to myself at : http://www.theblackvault.com/casefiles/to-the-stars-academy-of-arts-science-tom-delonge-and-the-secret-dod-ufo-research-program/ )
There has been a lot of talk lately on a "new project name" and insinuations that FOIA requests are coming up empty because everyone is asking for the wrong thing in regards to AATIP. This is wrong. Don't believe the hype.
The official line is that the DIA is the OPR (Office of Primary Responsibility) when it comes to document declassification regarding AATIP. No one (including myself) has received a denial from DIA, simply because they are so back logged on FOIA requests.
I have no huge doubts that the documents being touted with the new name of "Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications" are genuine. But, since they surfaced back in December of 2017 on Corey Goode's website (which I am interested to hear how he got them since it does not appear to be an official release) I was surprised to see them resurface in the past week as some "big reveal." I, along with a few others that I know of first hand, saw these documents on Corey's site back in late December / early January, and I will be the first to admit, I dismissed them as anything pertinent. I did not (at the time) connect them to AATIP, but I had already discovered OFFICIAL documents under the FOIA, written by Dr. Eric Davis, along the same lines as these. Those documents I did loosely connect to AATIP as being examples of the type of "DIRD" reports Dr. Davis reference on Coast to Coast AM
So, although interesting and really not surprising that they even exist, it really does not add much to the story of AATIP. (Source documents VERIFIED written by Dr. Eric Davis at: http://www.theblackvault.com/casefiles/to-the-stars-academy-of-arts-science-tom-delonge-and-the-secret-dod-ufo-research-program/ )
Kudos to Roger Glassel for confirming today this "new" project name is indeed real, and it will be fun history to explore, but it brings me to my original reaction -- it doesn't matter to the UFO/UAP topic as a whole.
AATIP, as a subproject to this "new name" is often how government projects are carried out. Meaning, you often have a project that is connected to a larger umbrella project. The objectives of the sub project will hone in on something specific. I am sure as we all dig more, AATIP will not be the only subproject to find under this umbrella.
My point? In this case, AATIP is the only thing that really matters to THIS discussion. As Mr. Glassel received word, the Pentagon confirmed this by saying to "...stick with AATIP" as to that is the UFO part of all of this "Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications" will have a few more sub projects to explore. That doesn't mean they are UFO related, or even interesting, but alas I am guessing there will be more to find.
Of course, I will gladly take a look at the larger umbrella project (and subsequent sub projects) now that it's confirmed there is a connection -- but my guess? There won't be anything interesting to the UFO Community, and AATIP will be the most interesting part of it all.
So here we are, back to square one knowing what we already knew.
Muddying the waters is not what we need to do -- sadly (and frustratingly) we just need to wait for the DIA to start processing AATIP related requests and go from there.