From my own experience I've found out that what we put in our bodies has a huge impact on our health, emotions, and wellbeing. It also affects our planet and environment as well in ways that most of us can not even imagine. Here's 3 strong reasons why you should invite more plant based foods into your diet: 


1. For the reason of health. You have for sure heard that you have to drink cows milk to get strong bones and eat meat to be become strong as an ox - forgetting that the ox is a herbivore and that all species stop drinking there mothers milk when they grow up. Today science shows us that we all have been lied to with propaganda from the milk, dairy and egg-industries. Studies have shown a huge link between high blood pressure, diebetes, heart diseases, cancer, cronic diseases - and the consumption of meat and animal proteins. Studies have also shown that the consumption of cows milk increase the risk of bone fractures rather than support our bone health. 


2. For the reason of the environment. The animal industries are the number one source to green house gases, water pollution, air pollution, oceans dead zones and rainforest deforestation. If you are a true environmentalist who take the bike to the store rather then the car - I'm sure you have already looked over the impact of the food that you eat. If not, maybe you didn't know that the animal agriculture are responsable for as much as 18% of the green house gases, while all the transports in the whole world are responsible for only 13%.


3. For the reason of compassion. The last, and maybe the most valued one. Respect all life and life it self will respect you. To be honest, all animals want to live, just like you and me. We so often forget that there's more life on this planet than just humans. If it's not necessery - why kill another being just for the sake of our own satisfaction? Our modern meat, dairy and egg-industry is everything but natural. The modern animal industries are more like a holocaust than something that would be a part of nature. There's also a reason why we take our children or grandchildren to a garden to pick apples rather than to a slaughterhouse to pick some dead flesh. Humans are in general very compassionate and care for life in all forms, that's why we wouldnt tolorate someone beating up a dog right in front of us, or even worse, killing it. ''Killing someone'' is brutal to speak out loud about, yet we are paying these industries weekly to get the dirty job done. Over 56 billion farmed animals are killed every year beacause of these industries. If we were raised to really respect and value all life, not just human life (or our beloved pets) - but all life - do you think our world and industries would look any different?