Every brand of Religion thinks that only their brand is the only right brand. Someone was once asked what they think will happen when they die.  Their reply was they will not know until they die.  That is the smartest answer. There is so much we do not know, but rarely express that fact.  How can you be so sure of something you have not seen with your own eyes. You were only told by someone that it is true?  We all desire unconditional love, and that is what makes Religion such a powerful force.  If a  Creator revealed to one person, than why not to All? Life is a mystery, but few will admit that with their-selves.

If I, was a Creator and seen how humans have screwed up this Planet by their selfishness and greed, and have taken advantage over other humans, I would not allow that to go on and on.  I have often said that Love without action, is not Love.  If their is a Creator, where is there Action?  Do not just tell me you love me, show me you love me.