This video I created has gone viral, over a million views.

I have used multiple images from NASA's Curiosity Rover with a timestamp of seconds and milliseconds difference between each image used to create this video.


You might all think I'm nuts but here goes nothing, :) 

As I have said before, many of the lifeforms on Mars are very small.


Let me explain what is going on here in this video. 

As Curiosity Rover is drilling into the sun-baked rock on the surface of Mars, you will see a small rock-like object hover into view, many have said that it was the rover's drill bit that kicked up a rock while drilling, but I do not think that is the case. This rock-like object seems to hover into view and doesn't touch the surface at all and it stays in a hovering position. As the rock stops moving, there seems to be a small lifeform that gets off and walks to the right to activate an evacuation of smoke (gas/fuel) that is pulled in and collected by the small craft, also focus your attention from where the smoke is being released, that arm seems to move upward.


It's very difficult for us to prove or say that this is absolute evidence of life on Mars caught in motion, the images from NASA are purposely downgraded in quality, manipulated and obfuscated and this is the type of garbage we have to work with, most of the time, we are only able to prove how nutty we are  :)


But I appreciate you all for taking the time to view this post! :)

Thank you!