"Dreams can keep you going and keep you nourished. They also provide a positive outlet for self-interest and self-expression. Our inherent selfishness can be used in a most beneficial way – to get to know ourselves. You will find that the many images in dreams give you both positive and negative information about who you are and where you are in your development. Your dreams can tell you what nobody else can. Twenty people can give you twenty different opinions about yourself, so where does that leave you? If you sincerely want to develop, how do you know whether what they are saying is just their projection or is a message you should work with? How can you know if a person is being used as a Divine channel? Your guru within will make it clear through a dream: “Look. This one thing, you must work on it.” Dreams can help you become independent of the criticism or judgment of others. They have a powerful influence and can really change your life if you are willing to listen." (Swami Sivananda Radha)

Image source: Artist Julia Khoroshikh