Firstly there are many people with "Left Leanings" that are wonderful. They genuinely want a world of peace and equality. Unfortunately there are those that are attacking the fabric of society. The advocate equality for all, yet, use violence and intimidation to silence anyone who has a different point of view. Antifa is a classic example of this. Their protests usually involve violence as they attempt to silence resistance to there world views.


Free speech is exactly that. The right to say what you feel In todays world we are at a tipping point whereby causing offence is a new crime. We are told that free speech is fine as long as it does not offend anyone. This is a paradox as someone somewhere will awlays be offended.

The left embraces causes that are contradictory. Such as showing support for Islam, yet, ignoring how women are treated in Islam. Embracing the LGBTI agenda yet ignoring the push for pedeophilia to be included in this agenda.


In Australia there is a Safe Schools Program that is supposed to introduce children to sex, LGBTI types and Anti bullying. The glossary for the program has no Bullying terminology, in fact, it is all LBGTI based. Parents are demanding that the program be scrapped and children be allowed to be exactly that children.


Anyone with right leanings is the enemy.  These people are attacked on Social Media for their views.


There is right and wrong on both sides and this needs to be recognised. Both sides should work together to find the common ground and make the World a better place.