As I mention in one of my (spanish) videos, our conscience doesn't reside nor is part of the brain.

We all know that our escence, spirit or conscience is not made of matter, then if not matter it must be some type of Energy, Electromagnetic possibly but Energy indeed. So Energy such as Electromagnetic Energy has a hard time interacting with matter, solid things, the material world. Therefore, if a Conscieness made up of Energy wants to interact or have an Experience with the Material world, it must have an appropiate vehicle in which to do so.


A nice analogy to interpret the need of a vehicle is, for a human, when he/she wants to interact with an enviroment other that his/her natural one. For example, if a human wanted to experience the underwater world it would need a SCUBA suit or a Submarine, for the water surface a boat, to experience the air an airplane and for the outer space a space-capsule or an Astronaut Suit. The human body needs a proper vehicle to be able and experience different enviroments other than it's natural one.


In the same way, the human body is an appropiate vehicle for the soul to experience the surface of the earth.


Also, we know that every vehicle has a command center of some sort. Well, that is what the Brain really is, the command center that the soul uses to drive the human body.


The Brain is a hybrid organ, made up of matter, but functions with electrical impulses or energy. So the brain interfaces the energetic soul with the material body, allowing the soul to interact with the material world trough the human body vehicle.


This is why the brain is not yet understood by science, they study it as if the Brain and Conscience were one and the same. Is like trying to find the internet as a whole inside a wireless router, the internet is out there, the router is just a link to it.


So what is the brain? The Brain is is a link, it's a transeiver, a connecting point between the soul and the body.