Right around 2012/2013 something happend in my mind...It clicked in my head after a ufo video caught my eye....i thought what if aliens really are real...what would they say about our society...what would they say about the nature of reality?? There were also a few major catalysts, and several lessons on polarity and Def universal laws, but from this point I was hooked and still to this day study everything possible using discernment which took to me a min to learn how to weed out the b.s. It's lead to AMAZING experiences from astral projection to learning what meditation really was. I spent the majority of my life believing people were wasting there time sitting there....until I tried it. I was so excited about what happend that I excitedly told any and everyone I ran into for at least three days...Then crazy experiences I attributed to drugs, or maybe the possibility I was going insane made sense...In my opinion this was directly related with the whole myan calendar, 2012 marking an amazing shift in our consciousness. To this day I am learning, and am still learning how infinite knowledge is. Love to hear your stories and your shifts in perspective!!