I'm not a chatty cathy...so here goes lol

I love painting. I mean, I REALLY LOVE painting. And if you're an artist of ANY kind, you understand the feelings and energy of creating something. Sounds chiche, but inspiration in its finest helps me connect to something bigger than myself. lol 

In the comments I would love to hear from you artists and your links to your work. I would love to have access to like minded artist, especially on this platform! Facebook is one thing (meh, was never big on social media)....my first online home #onstellar is another. ;)

Thank you in advanced for watching...btw no apologies if you find the video is boring, it's honestly meant for artistic viewing on a vibrational level, not so much a tutorial or what not. You cant teach creativity. Teaching creativity spoils the natural student. Instead you teach persistance, persistance creates growth. :)