An escalation in energies, and immense shifts in consciousness, are upon us.
The ancient prophesy is being fulfilled, that two will stand next to each other, one one will shift into a much higher dimensional state, and the other will stay put in the 3D.
Immensely potent spiralling energy is being released and this spinning motion, is literally spinning our energy fields faster, and thus the intense upgrading.
This is an INNER shift, which bring forth the OUTER shift, and works on the Divine Laws, of “As within – so without; As Above – so below.”
We are going through immense awakening at soul level. We are being reminded of the truth of who and what we are, and why we incarnated onto planet earth. Each one of us, came in with special abilities, which now need to be utilised and brought forth. It is a matter of all hands on deck.
The earth’s vibrational frequencies are rising so rapidly now, that within a very short time-frame, we will be lifted into the higher octaves of 5D, so that we can return to the 7th.
Many will not be able to make the shift, nor to handle it, because they allowed themselves to sink into the seas of forgetfulness. Many a life and life form, will cease to be able to exist in the much higher dimensional state.
It is affecting all of life – not just human life.
It is the Power of Love which will lift us through, steeped with the Wisdom, to know that we each have responsibility for our own soul, life and well being. In truly allowing ourselves to be upgraded and reinvented, we have a ripple effect on the whole.
We are entering a cosmic whirlpool, linked to the Milky Way Galaxy and Sirius and the next years will be intense and immense.
All which has happened before, was but a curtain raiser. This is the real thing!
(Judith Kusel)