Hey Yoh Everyone,

This weekend coming up is Discolurefest. I am not going but having a meditation group of my own on OnStellar (Creative Connections) gives me the opportunity to let you all know that you can watch it online with free streaming. ( https://www.disclosurefest.org/mmi/live/ )There is a Mass Meditation @ 2pm Pacific Time where you can join in and become a part of the masses who care about what our future looks like. In the coming years there will be a lot of changes. There are so many people saying it that it can't be ignored anymore. By me or by anyone who cares...
Almost everyone reading this will know that there so many unexplained things that happen everyday. From U.F.O's to Sasquatch, Alien's to Time travel. There is information out there on these things and there is so much evidence that even someone with the littlest curiosity can find out that most of this stuff is somehow real. Disclosurefest brings people together to let the world know that WE know. The mass meditation will be the largest one of it's kind this year and I definitely be plan on joining in and making sure my spirit as well as my vibrations are felt and I am really hoping that you all can join in too. 
I think that this is an opportunity for all of us. Whether you meditate or not, your intentions put forward while everyone else is doing this event will help. All of us can complain or worry about whether the truth will be told out to us. But the real truth is, is that the governments of the world will never tell us what is really going on. We have to be that voice. We have to be that Disclosure, and the more people putting forth all of this information the more people will figure out that our people are telling the truth. The truth is needed, the truth will come. Help us all bring it forward.
Lots of Love
Michael Vastsin