Hey Yoh Everyone,
When I was 10 or 11 years old I remember running into a very beautiful lady when I was on my way to school. The sketch for this cover is her but her eyes would be different a lil bit, a smaller nose perhaps and her lips may have been smaller too. She may of had a skinnier face also... She was around 6 feet tall I think and maybe 115 pounds. I am asking if anyone recognises her because I recently drew this up after hearing about someone else told me their story that reminded me of her. I had to draw out this picture, I was compelled to do so. It's not quite right but you can tell what she looked like at least. Her hair was a very bleached blonde, extremely pasty white skin and very light eyes. Either a extremely light blue or a very bright bright green with blue in it were the color of her eyes. Describing her now is actually a little bit hard for me but drawing the picture took me two seconds. I must tell you that I can't draw or sketch what so ever, so when I did this it was almost like my hand was doing it's own thing uncontrollably. Hard to describe, but nonetheless the sketch turned out better than expected.
I recently remember seeing her from a distance about 2.5 to 3 months ago while I was driving out to go fishing. We parked the jeep and I was putting my fishing waders on so I don't get soaking wet. I saw two people standing on the edge of the forest watching us. Something told me to not pay attention to them but after getting all of my fishing gear ready and I had to wait for my friend to finish when I looked back over and they were much closer. I think it was her again and she looked the exact same. The person with her must of been a brother or something because he looked a lot like her too. I had an idea pop into my head that " we were just in the neighbourhood and decided to come say hello"??? LOL I looked over to grab my bag and back again to notice they were gone. I asked my friend if he'd seen them too and he acted very confused so it was a definite "no"...
I don't have many experiences of the paranormal kind or so I thought. But after hearing someone else's story these memories came back after being berried deep down in the ether of my mind. How could I of forgotten something like this that would normally have a profound affect on me. I don't know but now I remember seeing her or someone who looked just like her back in 97-98 (10-11 years Old) while walking to school. She called my name extremely loud. Her voice over powered the sounds of the vehicles passing by a busy street called Hyde Park in my old neighbourhood. Right on this corner where we would use the cross walk in order to get passed the busy street was a very nice Presbyterian Church. She was standing next to a small tree beside the steps. I thought she was so beautiful. I wandered over to her thinking she must be an angel. I definitely remember thinking that. An angel of all things <right>. But as I stood there listening to her tell a story about a boy named Michael who would Love to run. Looking back now I think that her voice was so loud because she wasn't using her voice box at all, but putting them into my head somehow. It did get strange as she finished the story and said that the Michael grew up into a protector and that he would help me if I ever needed him. After the story ended she handed me a golf ball sized marble that kind of resembled a globe. I looked at it quickly and went to hand it back to her. She said no, look closer. Focus yourself into it and it will help you see...?
After doing what she said I don't remember anything else. Just being at school all of a sudden. I think that it hypnotised me or something cause I didn't remember all this until recently. Or it was something completely different, I could't tell you, I would only be guessing. There are other things I must leave out so that I can find out if people are telling the truth towards me or lying to me. I have had another experience with her where my mother should have seen her but she can't even remember being at this location. I am just happy that I can finally get this off my chest.
These things all sound insane! I can't believe I am even considering putting this on the internet. But I want to find out more if I can. I want to know if anyone else has had any experiences with this woman who may show herself with a brother or a man who looks like her. She is very kind spirited and has a very smirk of a smile. Perhaps someone reading this article will get some memories back just like I did. I am slowly waking up and reading a lot of things on OnStellar is making me realise that many of us on here have an interest in this stuff but are also experiencing these things. I don't know if this woman actually even exists to be completely honest but I at least have had some sort of an experience that involved very strange aspects.
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Thank you for listening and if you don't believe a single word of it, I hope it at least gave you some form of enjoyment. After all Love, Joy and Gratitude make the world go round. :)

Lots of Love
Michael Vastsin