Went to bed really tired from the night before only sleeping like 2 hours....had a thought that it would be a good time to try..seems there is a hack with out of body expirience that works almost every time I try it...and its totally messing up your sleep cycle....so I was just about asleep and the same familiar vibrations and the weird bloop sound then I'm floating...i realized I'm out and imeadiately wanted to open my astral eyes and when I did everything was the same except blueish tint to the room and it was kinda weird vision like I was looking threw both my eyes and my astral eyes at the same time. Hard to describe but Def really cool...soon as I took a look around I zonked out and don't remember much else except the vibrations coming on again and that's really all I remember....gonna wrk on my diet and getting some actual time out of body rather than quick peeks....its like I don't have the energy to stay out very long...so wish me luck and happy travels!!