In August 2009 I moved up to Alaska and was there til the late spring of 2010. Alaska was such a beautiful experience and I still wish to go back to vacation soon. It's a place where life takes on an entirely pristine difference compared to many places i've been here in the US. 
But there was one time while I was there where (the only time in my life) a particular event happened.

On a clear night in late November I was asleep in the basement with my boyfriend at the time, when I abruptly awoke. And unlike many nights in my life where it was just a feeling of acute wakefulness and clarity when I should be groggy, I had a horrific feeling of dread and something present near by. 
***The layout of the basement puts our bedroom partially above ground and below so that the window above our heads sat just above the ground of the front of the two story house. 
Waking up so suddenly, I had felt froze with fear and could not shake the cold feeling of a ominous energy above my head from outside. It was like something was outside waiting there, watching. It was a terrible HEAVY feeling. Like it was an unnatural thing that was aware of me- just like I was of it. I was so shaken and couldn't for the life of me release myself from the thick and terrifying presence. 
It had subsided sometime after I woke my boyfriend so that I wasn't alone. I was not going back to bed ANYTIME SOON. At first he joshed me a bit thinking I was just coming off of a bad dream and wanted to make light of the situation so as to calm me. He then realized after I began crying that It wasn't the case. I was and am the sort of person who doesn't scare easily. 
I still to this day have that memory in the back of my mind and wonder about it from time to time. 
But, for the life of me...I still cannot wipe the fear and ominousness of that event from my mind.

Below is a link to the location of my then home in Kasilof. (The house is located in the middle of the two roads of Swan Dr and Teal Dr. The house has a white van and a red car on the property)
60°20'00.9"N 151°13'23.4"W,-151.2253633,454m/data=!3m1!1e3