For those, who are interested in practice (because the theories/opinions/gossip/etc., - are for human mortals). 

A little describe to that:


I "switched me On" in this body - when was 4 year, after 3 years of my arrival, when this body was 7 years - I was in practicing with the mirror.


From this recognition games of/with self, is today`s description of two possibilities to "see self", either "solution for transparency - individuality", or "solution for transparency - all".


The mirror/rerflection is very practical and efficient multidimensional tool - in every world (reflection is in every interactions in the existence, therefore the reflection have the maximal variations, one of that is the mirror possibility), so, you can look in the self and recognize your others forms - or your self/us without the form; or you can that use for see the other worlds, for communication, etc.




1. When you are in some world - then find the mirror/reflection and look in your eyes (your "attentiveness" give you the "recognize"), you will connect with the essential practical informations and your other bodies - in your mutlidimensional memory.


2. The mirror is practical for those, who prefer mediator/MediaTor/middleman.


3. (Size of image) On the open image -> right click with the mouse -> click on view image -> click on image; then is big enough. 


"Solution for transparency - Individuality"


"Solution for transparency - All"

The spirit is full of maximal possibilities/tools; the reflections/truth is a essential mechanism of the existence, among others it is also a communication/interaction with self and all - which is to find in every possibilities/tools/thoughts/happenings/connections


It is a practical multidimensional tool and direct answer for those - which are not in fear/limitations to see the self and every information without any filters (depend of the precise content in the intention)

In such praxis is to recognize, who truly conscious "master the spirit tools for using" the whole time, or already now, or not yet


Enjoy it