This image pretty much proves everything I have been saying for a long time about NASA creating fake Rocks, Fake Sand, Fake Shadows and fake landscape to cover up things they don't want us to see.
Enhancing this image, we can now see what looks like some kind of beast in flight and a small alien being possibly riding on its back.
Take a look at the tail of this creature, it's flared out like birds do when they glide in the air.
Take a look on the right side of this image, we can see this creatures head, its mouth is open, looks like it has horns or antennas on its head.
Move a little to the left, we can see a small alien being has its arm extended outward.
NASA has so many different cover-up tactics, black and white images is one way of making everything blend in as part of the environment so that nothing out of the ordinary stands out.
They will also invert certain areas in their images. 
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