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I'm going to start with this quote from Zbigniew Brzezinki's book: Between Two Ages:


"In the technotronic society the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive personalitites exploiting the latest communications techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason."


The book was published in... wait for it... 1970!


During my research over the last few years into the social media and gaming world... one name kept popping up over and over: In Q Tel.


In Q Tel is the venture capitol and investment wing of the CIA... yes, The Central Intelligence Agency. That CIA.


On their own website you get this mission statement on the homepage:


"IQT works side-by-side with the venture capital community to identify great startup technology for our customers. Our areas of interest include cybersecurity, biotechnology, novel materials, remote sensing, deep learning for data analytics, and much more."


I know that you probably remember my reporting, along with Brian Lunduke, about IQT and it's ties to Pokemon Go!... and Google... and Google Earth... all tracking software to know where you are... not necessarily where you want to go... anyway...


I also looked into the urban legend of LifeLog... the DARPA project that was funded by IQT... and that it was closed down the same day that... wait for it... the same day that Facebook launched!


Well, if you go back and check, like I did... it seems to be true... but that is not what is most important... what is important is that LifeLog and Facebook are essentially the same things... the same idea... the same platform... with one major difference: Logbook did it's own tracking of your life, all of it... and with Facebook you input the information. 


Let me explain:


The LifeLog platform would track you through sensors around the country... on streets, in stores... online purchases and other data... and compile everything about you in a day by day 'logbook'. Everything. Automatically.


Facebook does the very same thing... exept YOU are the one inputting the data... you provide your location, your activities, your job, family, friends, co-workers, likes, dislikes, politics, religion... even the images of proof... all of it. You do the work. You also allow FB to pinpoint your location... with the same GPS technology originally funded by In Q Tel... and follow your purchases and habits... it's evil genius.


Today with mass media and law inforcement you hear the same thing when a story breaks: "We went and looked at their Facebook profile..."


With me, I'm a little different... whether I like it or not, I'm a public figure... my stuff is out there... I'm easy to track... I have no more secrets... including my bbq gatherings and love of family and friends.


If the media had to go and check out my FB page you would hear: "Well, it seems that Mr. Church had strange habits of grilling rib-eyes and drinking chilled vodka!"... so, at least I got that going for me! Moving on...


Back in 2004 I can see why LifeLog was shut down in favor of Facebook... for a few reasons... first: there was no need for LL and it's method of data collection if FB was going to have the population of the world do it for them... second: it removes the legal issues for FB: "We didn't collect it... they gave it to us!"


But there is a third reason that probably wasn't as obvious... in 2018 we have tracking, sensors, cameras and live streaming everywhere, plus every single aspect of our lives are connected to the internet that nobody even dreamed of back in 2004... the Internet of Things... today there is no reason for LifeLog... it already exists.


We give it to them with every smart TV purchase.


Here is something else that is bothering me... the names.


Too close. LifeLog. Facebook...  LogBook. Is it just me???  I don't think so... feel strange to you, too???


It should.


In Q Tel facilitates venture capitol... and Facebook got it.


I'm not saying that In Q Tel funded FB... but the timing of the events is very suspect.


Read on:


Venture capitol deals just don't happen overnight... they are complex... In Q Tel is out there looking for these types of projects and LifeLog and Facebook overlapped. What probably happened was that one was turned into the other... money routed, names changed... but the project goal was the same: to collect the daily activities, habits and data on everyone.


As crazy as all of this is... you can go and research it for yourself.


Remember, searching for In Q Tel, the CIA, LifeLog and Facebook will definitely put you on the radar and it'll be logged. I did. I was and I'll do it again, seriously.


Just clicking this article should scare you. Burn after reading! Ha!


When I originally reported on this over three years ago, I didn't care about getting this out in the public... I covered it on FADE to BLACK, Coast to Coast AM and my History series, Breaking Mysterious.


I will continue to speak up and speak out... I'm already tracked, monitored and filed... and the truth is much, much stranger than fiction.


Scarier, too.


Tune in tonight for this and much more: FADE to BLACK Official


Jimmy Church

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July 16, 2018