Its fair to say that I have a lot of strange dreams. For the most part when I have a very intense dream, it's usually weather related; tornados, or storms in general. Perhaps stress dreaming is what you would call those. Others include the usual odd dreams like (when I dreamed each of my toes had thier own right..I know....strange.)

Or when I dreamed I was waking from a dream and as I got up out of bed I lost gravity and slowly floated up into the sky and eventually into outerspace and was stuck there til I awoke in real time. Sometimes that dream still haunts I had no oxegen and was terrified for what seemed like hours not being able to breathe... just watching the earth below me, listening to the bustling of people far below, laughing and talking.. 

But among all these weird and or horrific dreams I've had in my life, there's one that stands out from the rest. I gave it a title because i've described it so many times and have from the begining logged it into my journal. I called it The Night Train. 

The dream starts out next to a train station out in the mexican desert where the sun has gone down but the horizon is still red and the landscape is a sillhouette. The train is on the verge of leaving and there is a woman and her three children standing next to it. Everyone around us is frantic and rushing to get on the train. As the woman and her children board I notice ive been standing there in a daze being left behind. I start to run along side and began climbing on the train. (The train is modern in style but old and broken with large rusted hole throughout it's dull grey body, no numbers or identificatiion) As im climbing on the side I look out to the horizon just as the trian is begining to travel at a very high rate of speed. The skyline begins to vibrate and a large wave ripples through the atmosphere and towards me. Just as I climb inside the train I see the landscape crawl with embers like swirling patterns as fire dies out on lit coals. I felt then a feeling of dread like something big is about to happen. I feel a sudden wave of dejavu, like I've been here before and this is all about to round a big circle all over agian. Im now looking around the train for something to do with my hands because they're shaking and i'm nervous. Something is about to squeeze me and everything into nothing. I finally sit down on the floor of the train and look up at the holes in the ceiling. The sky has no stars and just before the surrounding air about me begins to pressurize, I taste the metel of the train and the thick darkness feels like a vise, yet a soft pillow ready to push me into oblivion. Just as that thought passes I am squeezed into a tiny point followed by a quieting of the train noises and the sounds of people.

I then wake up. I've always remembered this dream. I don't have reoccurring dreams but I often relive this one during waking hours. 

This dream took place on March, 6th 2009