Disclosure - What does that really mean ?

By Joseph Mitchell aka Drizzler


Over the past several months I noticed allot of people are talking about disclosure of UFO's. The government somehow is now going to tell us that the UFO phenomenon existed all the time. For the last 50 years or so we've been lied to and there's nothing to see but now is the time for disclosure.


I have watched hours upon hours of video talking about how great this is and we will all see the evidence when they are ready to disclose it completely.


I've seen so many people salivating over the idea that this is coming to light now. Some I feel are blinded by the carrots that the government is holding in front of their faces and blinded by such an event to see anything else.


Yes I am with everyone wanting to know the real truth but my first reaction wasn't happiness or excitement about the disclosure.


Why now are they coming to us for help now? So far what I've heard was the government needs our help in determining what is this aerial phenomena. The government with billions and billions of dollars needs my help. With all the brilliant people that surrounds them they need some commoner like me to help them out. Now I still find that way beyond belief.


What if there is something on the flip side of this coin that is very bad. I hope I am totally wrong on this issue and everything will be flowers and puppies dogs.


Let's say that our government has done something terrible like making a new disease that could wipe out majority of the people on the planet or are going to plan some kind of catastrophe in the near future.


If I was the government I would have everybody in the UFO Field that is credible push this agenda for me. By legitimatizing the UFO Phenomena I have something totally to blame anything I do on .


I hope that I am wrong and this will all shake out In the wash . Just remember that the government that is telling you that there gonna tell you everything about the UFO phenomena has been lying to you all the time.


This is just my take on what I believe. There is always three sides of a story