In this workshop, we will explore what is really being targeted within us and how we can counter the attack.

It's our energy, it's our DNA, it’s our mitochondria, it’s our pain body, and it’s our energetic field of protection that is under silent attack. We have the power to shift this as we come out of separation.
We are being targeted and interfered with in far too many ways. It is not hopeless by any means.

The plan to depopulate cannot work if we get embodied, strong and take the steps internally and externally to Rise.

Come along to receive support and information.
Join us live today, 8.30pm Eastern.

This can be the deal breaker if you are feeling targeted and unable to stop the disabling effects alone.

With appreciation for the potential of our awakening unfolding,
~ Sienna Lea.

PS. Not sure about the time in your country?

Sienna is the creator of Shadow Synthesis and inceptor of Rise Multiversity. Look behind the veil at the cast of characters living in you as you. It’s time for you to take center stage finally, to bring the shadow into focus then into wholeness to birth solution outside the limitations and endless attacks we now face ... Read More


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Shift The Future By Synthesizing Your Inner Shadows