Last night I went for a walk and saw a man pushing a baby in a stroller coming towards me.  I could see the baby's face lit up from a device placed in front of it.  As I passed them, I looked back to see that it was and ipad like device that was resting on it's chest, inches from its face, playing some cartoon show or movie.

I was so shocked I just stopped in my tracks.  My first thought was to say something to the father...but what could I say?

No one wants to hear child rearing advice from a passer by, especially when it is implying they are a bad parent or even harming their child.  Plus, the man happened to be very large and intimidating looking and I couldn't imagine a scenerio where he would be open to anything I had to say about it.

Then my mind when into excuse mode for him:  Where was the mom?  Maybe he is a single dad, struggling just to get through the day.  As a new dad, he is most likely exhausted.  Clearly he is ignorant of the dangers of EMF...

My husband tried to comfort me (or himself) by saying that the baby is very adaptable and will develop an immunity to it. (sigh)

I LOVE onstellar because it is a safe place for all of us to discuss such things, but it is a bit of an echo chamber, as we are all roughly on the same page.  But when I step right out of my house and see my neighbors with fitbits, apple watches, smart phones tucked into their bra strap and babies with ipads up agains their faces...I can't help but wonder if their is some moral obligation to spread this news outside of our onstellar community.  And if so, how would you do it?  As I lay awake at night, bathing in 25 different Wi-Fi signals from all of my neighbors, I wonder, what can I do?

Has anyone out there actually been brave enough to go up to someone and say something?  If so, how was it received?