The Q Anon phenomenon is giving the awakening masses a renewed sense of hope that sweeping changes to our planetary situation are on the horizon. Q Anon appears to be working closely with an alliance of high-level deep state white hats, those who have slowly and carefully infiltrated the darker circles of power of this world and are now capitalizing on their positions of authority. The mainstream media and skeptics assert that Q is nothing but a LARP or a live-action role play, a kind of elaborate prank. But as one begins to explore the now prolific amount of information pouring through Q on internet forums like 4chan and 8chan, it becomes clear that this is likely no hoax from the hands a few bored basement dwellers.


Websites like Q Anon Proofs, and YouTube channels such as Destroying the Illusion, SGT Report, Praying Medic, and scores of others, compile and analyze the cryptic messages of Q. Following these sources, one could easily see that more than just a LARP is taking place, or at the very least, it's the most elaborate and well-designed LARP in history.


Diverse Conclusions About Q Anon


The mainstream media contends Q Anon is nothing but a prank or a right-wing conspiracy theory. Detractors in the truth movement assert Q Anon is part of the Cabal, a distraction and cointelpro operation likely run by some clandestine intelligence agency—hardly part of any alliance. Still, others assert that Q is the real deal, and some of the more reputable researchers, such as Dr. Michael Salla and Jerome Corsi, have robust and evidence bolstered arguments for saying so.


I have only personally had the chance to review and analyze some of Q's material. But given that a primary focus of my truth-seeking work has been to learn and master the skill of discernment, particularly epistemological analysis of claims and evidence, I'd say that there is an overwhelming case to be made that Q is indeed what it purports to be—an individual or group of white hats using elaborate and effective means of distributing information to the public.


That being said I do not formulate black and white unidimensional appraisals of information. I don't believe or reject claims entirely. I strive to entertain many different possibilities of whether something could be true, supporting those conjectures with evidence arguments that makes each one less or more plausible. This is what is called multidimensional analysis and thinking, answering the question "is this true, and why?" from as many different perspectives as possible. In this regard, as I said, there's a good argument to be made that Q Anon is part of an alliance working to restore order and end the madness of the psychopathic dark occultists in power.


One reason for this is the following article, which has demonstrated that the Tripcodes and UserIDs sued by Q Anon on forums like 4chat and 8chan are themselves codes referring to published works on Google Books. Again, if this is a hoax or a LARP, why would someone go to such lengths? Wouldn't it make more sense that books cited would be themselves a prank? That is, if people were just trying to get a laugh out of deceiving others into thinking Q Anon was real, why not have these Tripcodes point to silly books, like my little pony? Why is it that almost every book cited is itself a thread in the unraveling of the false mainstream narrative? Or in a grander sense, if Q Anon was either a cointelpro operation or a LARP, why would the information describe true and valid aspects of corruption and the control systems on earth? Some of these posts describe century-long banking practices and corruption, like the Rothschilds, according to researcher and writer Dr. Michael Salla. One of Dr. Salla's books, Exopolitics: Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Presence was presented as part of the catalog of books decoded from Q posts.


Epistemological Analysis


There are two dimensions of analysis I want to raise in this very brief discussion about the Q Anon phenomenon, the epistemological perspective of coherence and pragmatism.


Coherence, in epistemology, says that a thing is true because the substance of the claim agrees with established knowledge—things that are already regarded to be true. Of course, this isn't a perfect measure of how true something is because established knowledge might be wrong. An example of a coherence between claim and knowledge would be when someone remembers that they lost their Apple iPhone 8 at a restaurant and a friend the next day says that they found an Apple iPhone 8 at the same establishment. It's highly likely that the lost phone is the one found by the friend, but it could also be a different phone. Another example is the experience of feeling as though the earth is flat, while standing on it, and the flat earth theory. You detect a coherence between your experience and the theory, but that coherence, in this case, is wrong—the earth isn't actually flat.


With respect to the Q material, the subject matter raised, the books cited, and other decoded messages all seem to point to things researchers have been suggesting for years. To help qualify that, I'll testify that in my years long full time effort to research and understand the history, mechanisms, and basis of the world we live in, an overwhelming and undeniable multi-pronged conspiracy is at work. And many of the aspects of it highlighted by queue are coherent with information I have discovered, and deemed to be accurate. Of course, I could be wrong, but generally speaking, I would say the coherence between my knowledge of the system and other established researchers who have demonstrated authority insofar as accurate knowledge about the system is itself in agreement—I "believe" what some of the experts do, from whence I learned of these things. This means that the Q material is largely in agreement with the accumulated bodies of knowledge we have on hand from other established and credible researchers.


This brings me to the next epistemological dimension of analysis, pragmatism. If Q Anon is intending to use these posts to raise awareness and further "the Great Awakening" are his (or her) efforts effective? Yes, they are.


Again whether or not Q anon is a prank, a CIA LARP, or an actual white hat group doesn't matter—the effect of the phenomenon is without question spreading awareness.


You might be thinking, "But the media is painting Q Anon as a hoax!" Yes, that's true. But in the act of doing so, awareness is spreading. From a psychological basis, getting ideas into the mind is what's most important insofar as spreading awareness, whether or not someone believes them is immaterial. They might dismiss the idea of a Deep State conspiracy, but they know it exists now, and that's what's important. And still others are taking the Q information seriously, they're going down the rabbit hole and exploring all the research topics fully. So from a pragmatic perspective, the Q information is effective in what it's claiming to do. It is actually helping wake people up to corruption and this is essential for the people to actually work toward solving the problems of this world.


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Final Thoughts


In conclusion, there is no way to claim absolute certainty when it comes to any claim. An honest researcher, who has gained the wisdom of the philosophy of knowledge, epistemology, knows we strive to learn the truth, but we will never represent it in our minds as knowledge with absolute certainty and accuracy. Thus, the best we can hope for is to formulate valid arguments and cases for why our representation of reality, a claim or piece of knowledge, is mostly accurate or the best that has been asserted thus far. In this respect, I conclude that it appears by all accounts that Q Anon is real, and no counter arguments have emerged to materially rebut or falsify this perspective. Should new evidence and arguments emergy, this conclusion would change.


For now, we can explore this material under the operating conclusion it is likely true. But this isn't of primary importance. By that I mean, a body of information's value insofar as if it can help us learn and grow doesn't have to be entirely true. Consider a fictional story. Can you learn something that you can use in the real world to improve your life, such as a moral? Most definitely. That's why myths and fables exist, to teach us things about the world that make our lives better.


Even if it is discovered later that Q Anon was a hoax or a CIA LARP, that doesn't detract in the least from any valuable growth and knowledge you've gained in the process of contemplating the information. This holds true for all information. In this sense, whether or not something is true is important but not critical in our quest to better ourselves by exploring it. Matter of fact, you can learn a great deal from studying "false information" due to the fact the mind will induce a reciprocal image of that information. In this sense, disinformation to a trained mind is actually extremely useful.


 - Justin


(Q has used 11 TripCodes, and 1100 UserID’s. EVERY one of them points to a book when you search them in Google Books. Some are even pointing to specific pages within that book.