When it comes to the original John Titor time travel tale, the year 1998 is an important date.  According to the story, John was born in 1998; and this was also the date that John Titor supposedly traveled to meet his twin family on this timeline.  The year 1998 happens to also be when the two Art Bell faxes were supposedly sent.  And if we take a look at the johntitorfoundation.com chart, we will notice that 1998 was one of the years that the two Johns took measurements with their displacement machines.  Also it is worth noting that 1998 showed the highest figure of 2.500, which probably applies to the divergence.  Interestingly if we reverse 2.500 we get a function of '52.'


The year 1998 was also an important year for the musical group the B-52s, not only with the release of a greatest hits album but with two new studio releases.  If we are to look for a "significance" of the band to John Titor, as claimed by the 2009 tempus edax rerum letter, one might conclude that the title, "Time Capsule: Songs For A Future Generation," might in itself be a big giveaway, considering how significant 1998 is to the John Titor case.  So again we seem to have a B-52s clue about "time" and the "future."  The album goes through their career with 16 songs in chronological order, with fan favorites and singles from the years 1979-1992 along with two new songs for 1998.  The tracks are:


  1. "Planet Claire"
  2. "52 Girls"
  3. "Rock Lobster"
  4. "Party Out of Bounds"
  5. "Strobelight"
  6. "Private Idaho"
  7. "Quiche Lorraine"
  8. "Mesopotamia" (remix)
  9. "Song for a Future Generation"
  10. "Summer of Love" (original unreleased mix)
  11. "Channel Z"
  12. "Deadbeat Club"
  13. "Love Shack"
  14. "Roam"
  15. "Good Stuff"
  16. "Is That You Mo-Dean?" (edit)
  17. "Debbie" (new recording)
  18. "Hallucinating Pluto" (new recording)


As the greatest party band admitted, most of their songs contain "hidden messages."  And with the bands career long interest in space/time, UFOs, ETs, etc. in lyrics and song titles, it may come as no surprise to find time travel references too.  I had pointed out in an earlier article on this channel that the, "Song for a Future Generation" practically spells out, way back in the year 1983, the coming online generation of social media, blogging, gaming, dating, etc.  I also have shown on an earlier article that that song "Channel Z," could very likely be referring to the Z Pulsed Power Facility or Z machine in Albuquerque, NM.  "Is That You Mo-Dean?" video and lyrics speak for themselves.  What I find interesting is that the UFO in the video is a van instead of the usual spaceship; folks following the John Titor case know he called himself a "temporal driver" and his trips "flights."  And as we know from the story, John was using autos to house all his equipment including his distortion machine.  But a less obvious space/time reference that I talked about is the song, "52 Girls" in another article I posted here.  The lyrics to the song start by naming off first names of women, along with a game for the listener, "Can you name, name, name Name 'em today?  Can you name, name, name Name 'em today?"  The game is for the listener to name "The principal girls of the U.S.A."  Certainly, we can conclude that at least some of the names are just famous women, like Jackie-O.  Two of the "principal girls" listed in the song are Kate and Cindy, probably the two ladies in the band.  Since there seems to be so many time travel, and even John Titor clues in B-52s songs, are we to speculate that some of the "principal girls" may be those with time travel experiences?  Since Kate and Cindy are credited as song writers to what seem obviously futuristic visions of the online generation and the Z machine, could it be that these two women had knowledge of the future through time travel?  The 2009 tempus edax rerum letter certainly says there is a significance between John Titor and the B-52s.  Can we conclude that Kate and Cindy met a John Titor back in the mid 1970s then?


Another strange thing about the potential "hidden message" of "principal girls" is that the B-52s have an awful lot of songs with lyrics and titles with first names of women, even more so than average for a pop band.  I have shown how the name Brenda ends up in another song, "She Brakes For Rainbows," with surprising verbiage to the John Titor posts.



Now in 1998 we get a new song centered around the first name of a woman, "Debbie."  It is common knowledge among fans that the song is a tribute to Debbie Harry of Blondie, certainly a "principal girl" and inspiration to the fellow lady rockers in the B-52s.  But does this song have the potential for a hidden message too?  The song starts off with, "Debbie's comin' in for a landing."  Again we have the imagery of flying or flight like the time travel trip is described by John.  And if that was not enough, the lyrics go on to tell the story about how the, "Vortex pulls me in.  The vortex spits me out.  Jet-eyed glitter child strappin' on a gold guitar.  We witness the ultrasonic imploding excitation.  Bodies exhausted in total elation."  Could it be that Debbie is also somehow knowledgeable about the future because of some sort of time travel experience?  Or are Kate and Cindy, two "principal girls" themselves with lots of time travel mystery up their sleeves, living vicariously through their hero Blondie?


Over the coming weeks I will be exploring more potential hidden messages in B-52s songs that relate to the John Titor time travel case.   We will look more at the mystery of why so many female first names in the B-52s catalog; as well as trying to discover what these "principal girls" have to do with John Titor and time travel.