We have been down this road a very long time. We have released much of the blocks of programming, of ideologies and of self-personalized creation as to who we are in this reality which has jailed us into thinking we need an identity. When the greatness of you has no name and simply is the beauty, the stillness that you are.

Nothing really matters. It is only our matter injected into the running program of what matters, that makes us feel it does. We create the dialectic, the polarization and the duality, We have been creating what we don’t want because what we don’t want is or has been real life. Hmmmmmmm...

We know that this isn’t real life, so why does what we don’t want continue? Or have you felt you have broken free enough to live the way you know you can, but those who still operate in lack around you, pull you back in.

On Saturday September 8th at 5:00 P.M. Eastern.

Come join the "Zero Point Cafe” with Sienna Lea and myself Michael Turlock.

Let’s share our stories, journeys and empower each other. Our clarity breaks down the walls and illusions created by us.

Step through your fear and let your presence sing.
~ Michael Turlock.

"Through my personal experience and journeys in this life, and shared experiences with those who have had like experiences. I have learned to understand the Powerful Beings that we are, and that if we work from within and understand our potential, we will attain anything we desire in this life..." Read More.


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