Tuesday, September 18th at UPARS LA!


Jordan Sather on Secret Space: From WWII to the Space Force
Jordan Sather hails from the Pacific Northwest. He is a speaker, educator, motivator and internet content creator. In early 2017, he ventured online, growing his brand, “Destroying the Illusion” into a consciousness-raising powerhouse on social media. His awakening began when he dropped out of college in 2011 to work at a natural health food store. While there, he began to draw conclusions about questionable practices in the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. For six years, he worked various jobs in the holistic health field, but found it limiting. He wanted to address a wider variety of issues, reach more people and make a greater impact. In 2017, he quit working in health, and began devoting his time to growing his truth-sharing YouTube Channel, Destroying the Illusion. To date, he has amassed nearly 250,000 total subscribers and followers across his YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, with millions of video views. He has been instrumental in educating the public on issues such as true health, hidden technologies, the Secret Space Program, esoteric philosophy and the QAnon public intelligence operation.
Jordan will be speaking to us about the creation of the Secret Space Program and related black projects dating from WWII to the present, with an emphasis on technology and resource acquisition, culminating with an examination of the current political climate and how it relates to these illegal, covert programs. Jordan will also discuss the recently proposed creation of a Space Force.