My name is Donovan WImer and this is my MUFON Report.

March 7th 1986 and I driving a 1972 Dodge Charger going to Phoenix AZ. from San Diego on Hwy 8 with a fellow Navy guy by the name of Mike Adams. It was a clear night with almost no moon.
20 to 40 mile past Yuma AZ. Mike said look at the radio tower sou
th east of us. It was two red lights one over the other out in the middle of the desert.

UFO south of road


We tried to tune in the radio to see if it was broadcasting anything and it wasn't and I was not surprised.
We drove on and Mike was telling me that it was getting closer to the road and I was laugfing at him and telling him the radio towers don't move and the road was getting closer to the tower.
I was driving so I didn't watch it as much as Mike was and a few minutes later he said it was getting closer to the road ahead. The road was straight and you could see cars ahead going west towards us. I started watching it more and more and I too could see it moving and it was a lot closer and smaller than I thought. Mike said that it was going to cross the road and I was already slowing down so I could get a better look at the thing. 


Crossing the road.


We slowed down to a crawl and I got as close to the thing as I could and we watched it float over the road in front of my car about 20 feet from being under it.
as it passed over the road my car was right beside it as it floated over the dirt median. I was looking up at it at a 45 degree angle. It was about 10 feet off the ground and about 15 to 20 feet tall. And the with as 2.5 to 3 feet wide at it's widest part. It was tapered at both ends. It was like a black hole. non-reflective.
We watched it float to the other side of the road and lower itself to about 3 feet off the ground and turn on a light that looked like a 4 inch round circle of glass attached to 3 metal I-beams that came to a point. no wires. no sound and no dust in the light that came from the thing. The light on the ground was pure white light with a razor sharp edge to it. the 4 inch disk started to scan around the desert floor as if was looking for something.


UFO north of road.


It moved around the plants and it was the most graceful thing I have ever seen. Mike and I watched it go off into the desert until it was out of sight.
The files are illustrations I made of what I saw.