Location: Landers CA, July 2017

It was around 10pm when I set off into the desert with a group of UFO enthusiasts towards the famous Giant rock. A well-known ufo hot spot. The journey was slowing going due to the rough terrain and the confusing unmarked dirt road we attempted to navigate in our vehicles. After 30 minutes we reached our destination and begin to unpack our chairs and supplies. We had brought laser pointers and night vision goggles. There were only enough goggles for six people so we all had to take turns using them. Within about ten minutes I immediately began seeing activity in the sky. There were various objects moving in all directs. I saw a number of satellites which were easily identified but occasionally I would see what looked to be a satellite but it would change direction, color or brightness. Some even seemed to respond to being flashed upon with the laser pointers. It was all very exciting and I was pleased with what we were witnessing. After about two hours our sightings became less and less until the skies eventually went dead. It was almost as if something had scared everything off. It was getting late and many people in the group were ready to call it a night. And that's when it happend….

 It started with a low rumbling noise coming from a nearby mountain rage that seemed to be getting louder and closer. I turn to look in the direction it was coming from.  Setting my gaze at the mountain peaks just a few hundred yards away I saw what looked to be a large bright red orb heading right towards us. The object was flying low and fast. It made no noise and wasn’t flashing. Trailing just behind the object was the source of the noise we heard. It was a military style fighter jet. The jet seemed to be chasing the ufo following just a short distance behind. By then we were all jumping up and down screaming expletives at what was happing right in front of our eyes. The object made a few short maneuvers and the jet matched in purist. After a few seconds the red orb put distance between it and the jet. When the jet attempt to close in the object it simply…. Vanished! I guess the polit knew the chase was over because the jet made a sharp bank to the left and disappeared back over the mountain range. I was told later that evening a military based was located in that direction and that the intercepting jet probaly came from there and was heading back. To this day I still have no explanation for what I saw and there were no official reports of the incident made.