September 17, 2018


I received this message tonight from the Galactic Confederation of Light. Many were present including Arcturians, Sirians(B), Lyrans, Pleiadians & Andromedans.

This message below will be received by those who are ready to hear. There are many levels and layers of change happening now. 

The first level shown to me was that Mother Gaia is assisting with her own shifts to aid in the greatest good of all, so do not attach to any fear, and remain in an observational mode in regards to storms, weather, earthquakes and so on. Aid if you are called in the spirit of assisting with the highest and best outcome for all. Do not try to change anything unless Divinely directed to do so. Also do not attach to what is happening in regards to disclosure. Observe and assist where needed. Know that all is in Divine Order. Help those who are caught in fear to shift to a more neutral state, and then again into a state of belief that all is well.

The second layer of what is happening is for the stabilizers to hold steady (the Lightworkers who stabilize both the grids and the population of the planet). Assist those who are newly awakened with love and truth. Believe that you are doing great work, for indeed you are. Your mission is vital.

The third layer of what I was shown is that those of you who have fully stepped into your sovereignty and prowess, who have left behind all self-doubt and fear and operate in a space of continuous unconditional love and trust, are now being called to assist in other dimensions with your power of creation as an actual conduit between "levels two and three" to aid both the stabilizers in their missions and to also aid the Galactics in their assistance to us with the shift that is about to occur and that is occurring now - until all can merge together as a new reality. You will know who you are. Follow your intuition in specific tasks and knowings set before you. Act upon them in great love and mastery.

The Solstice energy is upon us and there has been unusual Sun activity and sightings. This is happening for a reason, so trust that. All are being called in their specific skill sets and missions to work together now in complete unity and oneness, to collaborate with each other and trust each other and to not compare with the other, but to operate as ONE. Have a heart-based energy only, and get to work. There is nothing to fear and know that all is in according to Divine Plan right now. There is a reason why the Sun Observatories were off-line. I saw hundreds of thousands of ships strategically located around the planet right now. This is a very good thing.

The Galactic Confederation of Light message is as follows:

"Greetings. We are here now, eager to share a message with all those who are ready to hear. And we are here today with today with a message of importance for all who are ready to hear and receive with open hearts.

First of all we would like to say to those of you who have recently become aware of our presence, that we are here to serve the highest good of all, and we are here to assist all. We are here to say that we are real, and that we have been your brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends for all time, even though only now you are becoming aware of us. And the message of importance to you is to have faith and to trust and to believe and to have no fear. And to remember that this is how it has always been and whenever fear might want to come up, and whenever you may want to connect to the mainstream media, which has been deceptive and misleading, to remember this message now and know that this is the truth and that that was only an illusion. So stay connected to this frequency and this truth. Be curious, ask questions from those whom you trust, and stay open. For all is well.

And now we shift to those of you who have been holding the Light for quite some time. And we say to you, too, that all is well. And we thank you for your loving service to Creator, for the greatest good of all, for you have done an incredible job. And none of this could have happened without you. And we send you our thanks, and our respect and our love for holding the Light, for raising the vibration of the Planet, for shifting timelines and realities into the highest good of all. We ask you now to keep holding that frequency, to not be distracted by things that may seem overpowering or negative. And know that everything that is revealed is being revealed in the exact right time and place and circumstance, and that it is for the greater good of all. So we say to you as well, to trust and believe and have faith and know that it is happening. And when we say "it", we are referring to the great movement, the great awakening of humanity on this Planet.

And we call to you now for all to remember who you are and to step forward without fear and show the world who you are, in a manner such that is simply just being you. You do not have to broadcast yourselves verbally or even physically. But your very presence here is broadcasting the exact frequencies of Light that needs to be broadcasted. You are all that is needed and you are perfect and you are enough. And you are amazing, powerful Light Beings.

And now we would like to shift our message to those of you who have been called to specific missions here. You will know who you are. You have been working quietly behind the scenes for quite some time. And many of you have been awake for decades. We honor you now, as we honor all. And we say to you who are called to be the Key Holders, the Code Activators, the Stargate Activators, the Timeline Shifters, the Magicians, the Shamans (while in reality none of these labels matter, for you are all doing important work), we ask you now to connect to those frequencies that call strongly to you. Know that you are being called NOW to aid and assist in what has been going on behind the scenes and what is now about to be revealed.

And so we ask you to buckle up and get ready for the ride. Trust your intuition. Stay close to those whom you trust. Communicate with each other. Collaborate with each other. Create with each other. And come together as ONE incredible force of Light. For you are needed now in this time and in this moment. And you will know exactly what message it is for you that you need to hear. So connect to that and get to work. For you are needed now and the way you can help the best, that serves the highest good of all, is to stay in unity, to keep it simple, to hold hands together, to talk together, and to get to work together. So find your people, find your groups, have discussions and meetings, and we will be here to help you and assist you with specific downloads and information that you need. And we would say to you as well, hold fast to faith, hold fast to truth, and to trust and believe in love. Many aspects of this now involve very technical missions. So do not over-complicate things, but keep the plan simple and keep it absolutely aligned to love and have no fear.

For what is about to be revealed is in the Divine Plan and the Divine Order. It is of the best for all. And we would ask you to assist those who are not yet in the space where they can trust and believe. And know that all is well, for you are being called now for the utmost and the highest good of all, to aid and assist and to hold those who need to be held, to speak the words of truth and love that need to be spoken. And know that hearts are being prepared to hear, and that the truth will become their Light, the truth of All That Is.

So hold the torch, LightBearers, hold the torch of truth and love. This will shift quickly and easily with unity and oneness and harmony, with the great skills that you have and that you came here for. Know that you are fully equipped, you are fully supported, and you are fully loved.

We leave you now with this message and with the greatest blessing of Creator. That is all.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

Shamanic Nature Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner
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