Introducing Humble Bundle

Today this communication is going to be a bit different. For a considerable while, we have been thinking about additional ways to monetize what we do and offer it in a way that favours you as much as it does us.
In the past, Rise Multiversity offered Amazon links but this proved inefficient and ineffective for various reasons. One being that it feeds the monster and also that it does little in giving back - something any author or merchant who sells on Amazon will know. We have also dabbled back and forth with ideas about offering physical goods in our store, items you probably buy anyway, to complement the range of educational content we already provide. Neither of those ideas really worked out and likely won't in the foreseeable future. Rise Multiversity is just not in the right position. However, after much contemplation I believe to have found a sponsor that is a win-win and a unique, great step moving forward.
I am happy to announce that, with Rise Multiversity, you can now grab your favourite downloads of books, software, games, audio and video computer essentials with Humble Bundle!

Rise Multiversity has a broad audience covering a variety of demographics and interests to which we are always surprised with. Which is why I’m confident there will be something here for everyone.

Each week, Humble Bundle releases new bundles of content for purchase (DRM free). Whatever your interests and passions are – besides truth-seeking and multi-dimensional activism – you'll find something that will benefit and entertain you. Humble Bundle offers a wide range of content on topics including photography, graphics, video production, music composition, travelling, coding, crafts, cryptocurrency, animals, gaming and table top board/card games – just to name a few.
I have been using Humble Bundle personally for years and have seen other communities benefit from having them as a sponsor. I have saved hundreds and hundreds of pounds on great books (pop culture, art, business, fantasy and motivation), games and software. Most of these I use for ongoing web, audio and video production at Rise Multiversity. Other bundles have also been extremely practical and vital, from ‘top of the line antivirus', VPN subscriptions and backup solutions.
But this isn't why I'm comfortable presenting this as a sponsor. Humble Bundle is unique in that it allows you to pay what you want. You decide on how much you want to give us, Rise Multiversity, in addition to how much of your money goes toward the publisher (including any registered charity of your choice) by using the slider before your purchase. All are optional. Rise Multiversity also earns commissions on non-bundled purchases in the store just by using our link each time.



You can explore Humble Bundle here:


If you love it, feel free to bookmark it. You'll know you're supporting us with the bar at the top of the website stating our name. You’ll also find the link at the bottom of our future posts too.

Thank you for your time, energy and support.
~ Adrian Journey.

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