Listening to F2B right now and want to answer Jimmy's question: No, Q has not mentioned a secret space program before in his previous drops. 

Q was there on the chan taking questions after releasing two large drops. The youtube live stream chat was having their questions, well most of them passed on to the chan. Someone on the chan was relaying those questions. There were also people on the chan itself asking questions. The only people that can be ID'd would be the youtubers that had their questions relayed and answered. The questions that Q did answer relating to aliens/secret space program/Rosewell were from within the chan. 

It took a lot of us by surprise. There were over 5k people watching the youtube stream. I was there. It was insane. We were all watching the chan together. 


In the youtube livestream chat: The Patriots' Soapbox, 4chan was being live streamed as Q was having a Q&A. Someone in on the chan asked the question: Are Aliens Real?' 

And Q responded: 




Well, if Q says it, then it must be so! 

Please note: I have made this post in the tone of disclosure, and all the things that our community has been struggling with and against for all these years, it's just gotten closer to go mainstream proper. 

 Everything Q all in one spot:

So exciting!