I've asked my guides to increase my training. Did you know you could do that? I basically said, "I want more. What more can you teach me?"

Holy shit!

Floods of information. Downloads I can't even begin to unpack yet. But also, clarity. Clarity of communication. Clarity of guidance. Clarity in channeling.

The main thing they want to get across is: Ascension is Now. No more waiting for it. No more at some point in the future. Now now.

But it's probably not what you think. Angels, or ET's are not likely to come gliding out of the sky. Nor is the sun going to stop shining for a few days, or the Earth change it's rotation. Unlikely that you'll disappear up into the sky, or into a beautiful rainbow burst.

Ascension is you, but it's also all of us. It's playing out in the large scale in the world we see around us. The exposure of corruption in governmental, religious and corporate institutions is a sign that they can't hide in the shadows anymore.

But Ascension is more than just making sure the bad guys get their justice. It is driven by you and me. How we evolve, how we act toward ourselves and each other, and how that reflects the principles of Love and Compassion is the true measure of Ascension.

It's critical that we follow these principles, especially in the coming days. That we do not give way to fear or rage, but rather let Love and Compassion be our guides.