As I wrote in the part 1, in my 1st LBL sesion I've remembered two lives with a great impact on the one I live now.

The 1st was a true love story with a tragic end but important for my soul and the lesson was learned: the ultimate sacrifice for love.

The 2nd life I've remembered then was of a man on a let's say space station (in fact was more then this because in this huge SP lived an entire civilization).

First thing I sow was an escape capsule and I was alone and  scared. I was a young, black, scientist on his 1st mision and my crew died. I was the only survivor.

I couldn't see any planets, just the light of the sun and the black of deep space.

My crew and I went on our 1st mision at the edge of that solar system to learn more about a new life form. It was simar to jellyfish but a space one. Every one was quite curious because where very rare and they are not seen with naked eye, they lived on another frequency. 

All of us were very enthusiastic, as being on 1st mision. I was sent because of my psihic capacity and so been able to sense it and I supposed to get in contact with it.

The been was  a baby space jellyfish and as soon as we approach got scared, became chaotic  and without willing to do us harm, hit very bad the space shuttle.

I was brought back on SP. I was in a very bad estate, especially from psihologic point of view. I never got over.

I was blaming myself for what happened. I was so affected that I never spoke to any person and died alone. the rest of that life I spend it in a lab with plants.

When my LBL therapist asked if I learned the lesson and what was that lesson my answers were: no I didn't and the lesson was to forgive myself.

I was aware that the souls which formed the crew agreed to help me learn that lesson, but .... I didn't and died alone, angry and sad.

Even in those moments, of continuing angriness I felt "my presence" but didn't want to communicate.

Also I sow other things which are more then interesting: I sow earth space force delegates(dresed in  black one pice suit) and a cout of arms (2 moutain with white picks and 3 stars-if any one know who's cout of amrs is please let me know). 2nd I sow a chamber full with bodies is capsules, it had the feeling that was endless one and 3rd not only sow but felt as well that the "babies" were "born" in special tanks. They were creating the bodies and kept it tI'll were young adults.

All my childhood I was hunted by a very very strange feeling and some time was manifesting during sleep. Later, teen years and young adult, had this feeling with open eyes. Always after those episodes something bad was happening to me or my family.

I understood what was it on the LBL sesion. Being for so long in such a tank creat a great distress to the been inside.

Also I understood why I always felt guilty when some one fight near me, eaven if I had nothing to do with it.

After this sesion I know it wasn't over. I knew I had to help the other me to understand and learn his lesson because it is directly affecting this life.

I tried for quite some time to get in contact in order to explain to my other me but he was shut down.

Now after more the 2 years I had my 2nd LBL sesion.

To my big surprise I went back :)

Well this time..... I was successful and was able to communicate with other me and explain that all was just an experience, was just a lesson to be learned and that other souls agreed to do so willingly. All this I explained on the dieing bed. And .... man he did listen and understood and realised that I was right. .... that he spend his life in vain ... and then the cry started.... he got out all that pain and angriness  (on himself ). He let it go. He finely understood the lesson.

I wanted to share all this, in such detail, in order to understand that eaven if we didn't learned our lessons on past life, we can help ourselves and in this life and that life in order to manage all things in a positive way. Yes, sometimes is painful and takes time and hard work but is doable. We  can affect other lives  we had, but only with true and pure love and understanding towards the other  selves.

 With love and light