Hey-Yoh Everyone,

This is a crazy Remote viewing Target that I have always wanted to know about for the last few years when I heard about it. In April of 1909 a man named Seth Tanner stumbled on something very interesting and tremendous in the GRAND CANYON. The mystery from way back when, is all about these discoveries that were like Egyptian mummies and amazing artifacts. If you've been to the grand canyon or know much about it, the three most interesting peeks are named after Egyptian and ancient gods as well as slightly resemble pyramids. ( only pyramids decayed hundreds of thousands of years ago) And nicely align with Orion's belt just like the Giza Pyramids do...But in this video they do a much better job of explaining all the other stuff.

In this video they go in-depth with amazing detail finding out what was inside these area's as well as find out what happened. It is truly amazing what remote viewing can do. When you are able to organize it like the military did and then portray it into a better means, it can really do some good. We haven't been told the truth about almost every aspect of history when you compare data from multiple sources and then when we do remote viewing it brings it all together and then the stories finally fit. That has been my experience as well with anyone else I get to talk to who is investing their time into looking at any mystery history or even simple easy history. The point is, is that they have felt the need to lie to us. The people of the world... WHY..???>>...

Really, what is the best way to control people??? information.. That and they might just want to keep this sort of stuff for themselves as the elite and will continue to run things this way until change happens... And for our sake, it really needs to happen soon. We are in dire need of change.