Automatic writer as a young kid, experiencer of countless paranormal events, UFO witness, spirits, psychic, ETs, channelling, treated it all with amused and distracted focus for decades and now in my life have decided to take it seriously, concentrate, develop and progress the gifts I have towards a purpose. - Filmmaker and Photographer by trade.
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  • Weapons of Mass Destruction 2 - The Sequel
      Official confirmation that we as a species are not alone in the cosmos should be an exhilarating, vulnerable, awe-inspiring and moving experience for all humanity.   Unfortunately, the people in charge, who get one shot at legitimizing and disseminating this information to everyone, is the war industry.   That means disclosure won’t be Yusuf Islam on his...
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  • Interesting that as TTSA (or the CIA) continue to stage manage the roll-out of their soft disclosure media management, (or propaganda)... it appears they are attempting to brush-off particularly John Greenewald's concerns over official AATIP documentation and verification.

    Dr Eric Davis in a recent podcast says at 14:36, about Senator Harry Reid and AATIP... "He pulled that name out of a hat, or out of thin air, and made that up... we never had that name before, so that became the nickname."

    The "back story" of AATIP has continually been inconsistent.

    Also of interest in the podcast interview is the continuing propaganda about advanced intelligences being set-up as "threats." Dr Davis refers to contact as "nothing but malevolent" ... "nothing good" comes from contact, "the outcomes of interactions have always been negative"... "there's never anything positive that comes out of an interaction." (30:11 - 31:43)

    The recent FREE organisation extensive survey results disagree profoundly with Dr Davis's assessment.

    I still stand by my original blog article that the "evil aliens" propaganda is primarily about U.S. geopolitical concerns long term. IMO what is anticipated by the CIA and the DoD as the No.1 threat to the American way of life (50-100 years+) is the increasing spread, popularity and ideology of Islam. Especially as Christianity falters.

    IMO, ET disclosure and 9/11 are linked; attempts to dent Islam long term. The 9/11 event and the U.S. response has over time created more serious global problems, with the anti Muslim message not taking hold.

    The ET angle is rolling out to battle religion head-on over many years. The failed strategy of being told the looming "threat" is allegedly terrorist Islam, will be replaced by us being told the "threat" are the aliens, and that ET created religions to manipulate us all into fights... i.e.- the plan is for people to question their religious beliefs.

    Personally I would warn people to be aware of the many subtle and not so subtle layers this "evil alien" propaganda will assume, connecting ET to wars, Nazis, etc, etc...
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  • How Alien Contact Occurs
    If aliens exist, why don’t they land on the White House lawn? It’s probably the most commonly used retort to reinforce the argument that we’re all alone.   Fortunately, the answer to that question can be found on our own planet.   Recently The New York Times and other media outlets ran a tragic story about a young missionary who was murdered, trying to help...
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  • Why Telepathy is the Evolution of Human Rights
    Hundreds of millions of years ago, tetrapods were in the process of evolving from being fish in water to being fish out of water, animals that could survive and reproduce on land. This remarkable transformation, a metamorphosis from breathing and moving when immersed in liquid to survival on the ground above was a profound event in evolution.   It took some time.   At some point...
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  • How Evil Aliens is the Plan to Safeguard America
      When The New York Times, The Washington Post and POLITICO almost simultaneously published stories around December 16, 2017, exposing a secret U.S. Department of Defense UFO investigative program, so began the most ambitious, vast, human rights, national and global security propaganda campaign ever launched.   On the surface the stories were mildly sensational enough, evidence...
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