• Message from Matthew
    Factors in ending all dark activities; divine plan on target; sending light to dark ones, judgment; plant-based diet, GMO foods; speculations, predictions; today in context of history
    November 15, 2019
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  • Financial Reset
    jesuit, JP Morgan, New financial system, Reset, silver trigger
    Financial Reset
    Our Silver Trigger activation has reached about 80% of the critical mass. Although we have not reached our goal, our achievement was signi...
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  • Silver Trigger Final Update
    critical mass, manifestation, Reset, silver trigger
    Silver Trigger Final Update
    Time is approaching for the Silver Trigger and the energies are rising as more and more people have made a decision to join us and we are ...
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  • Sasquatch Council Speaks, via Shekinah Maa

    By Shekinah Maa

    Sasquatch Council Speaks

    The sound of the thundering drum alerted me I was going in again … It begins by reverberating through my feet up to my heart; through the inside of my inner ears like tinnitus into my heart … the tingling sensations of vibration ripple through my crown and all connects like rivers all feeding into the ocean of my heart. Rivers of light flowing right into my Heart Center, the Anahata, which like a thunderbird gets really intense feeling like something is stretching expanding and growing in powerful electricity, vibration, and pure frequency.

    That is then when they appear like ghostly forms, ethereal and ancient.

    And there I was with the Council, all illumined in Light, showing me their activated Merkabas their Rainbow Light Bodies.

    Sister, daughter, Beloved … they image into me with an inner voice that speaks right to my heart; We are here to show you what you need to know, what you have always known, what “they” the parasites have tried to hide from you, what they have fed off of from you. And what they have planned to fruition which is manifesting at this time, which is the destruction of your access to these energetic signatures hence DEW Directed Energy Weapons, 5G, Black goo, Chem trails, vaccinations, fluoridation, GMO food and so on and so forth, the list was endless.

    Lets start with the 7 bowls, 7 chakras, the ganglion nerve centers, brains, or wheels of light that spin the engines of your own organic technology which ignites one’s Merkaba or rainbow Light Body notice the rainbow Bridge of the Chakra Scale, notice the As within so without as above so below. The Light Scale, the Musical Scale, the Planetaries are chakras of the Universe … the whole of existence revolves around this as the Law of One.

    Now note that are also 7 seals which have covered your centers of chi that have sealed you off separating you from the pulsing truth of the electrical plasmic universe.

    We have watched it all happen … we have seen some of our own captured tortured tested on and experimented on as has all organisms from the micro to the macro. We know for we escaped the cage that’s has been placed upon the constructs of your mind. We did not drop as your ancestors have. We maintained our Rainbow Light Bodies our Bodies of Light while humankind got manipulated mind controlled programmed tortured and enslaved.

    Now the teachings that we have been Guardians of for as long as space and time has existed on Gaia and beyond into the cosmos; We like our Brother Chewbacca as an Ambassador as a representative of our Clans for he is a symbol of our people, our kind … travelling through the cosmos, speaking in light language, and being connected to the Light … serving the Light! (The Elders of the Council are quite serious beings, but they are also quite funny and very easily lovable!)

    For we are guardians of truth and the truth is that we all as organic beings have a Rainbow Light body. The Buddhists through the Tibetans and Nepalese and Vedic scriptures have conveyed this, taught this, and exemplified it. The Egyptians and other ancient civilizations were masters of this as well. Mystery School centers around the Globe taught this prior to the fall of Atlantis, the fall of Grace as is described in your enslavers with their Bible describing the fall from Eden into the lower densities; horrifying how you humans have been praising and glorifying your deceivers as God while clearly you were taught to fear this God which is impossible in truth, to fear love? Such trickery … if you humans could just see through the seals which have covered your inner senses and blocked you from seeing and knowing truth.

    So yes, the Rainbow Body is activated through LOVE and LIGHT which is the ESSENCE of CREATION! This ESSENCE is also what is fed upon and turned into LOOSH through BLACK MAGIC.

    Hence we have your Jesus the Christ, we know him well. He was nothing like he travelled of course through the Egyptian Mystery Schools, into India, Tibet, and all over really. He was also able to travel via his own Merkaba communing with Shamans and Holy People worldwide. He is a Brother to us and his Heart really is a Sacred Heart as it has been activated into the Christos or Light Consciousness known in Kemet or ancient Egypt as KRST.

    Yeshua the Christ was a Teacher and could Entrain people into the Heart Frequency that would help to burn off their karmas, dross, and implants, and would activate their own Cristos Light Bodies.

    The teachings of Christ and the Magdalena were all about activating the Ka Body within the Merkaba and this is why he was sacrificed, and this is also how he ascended or transcended.

    Here is a Picture of Christ in his Rainbow Light Body

    CristosMagnetic body

    Unfortunately, the Parasites got hold of this and as always inverted these teachings turning them into black magic and also making the truth of the teachings inaccessible.

    Just look at the Americas founding father,

    George Washington


    We have witnessed all of the lies, deceptions, and snares that have developed since the Fall of Grace as you Humans would say. We would say the fall of densities, the literal drop of vibration from bliss to hatred, war, perversion, and sickness.

    The plug is being pulled on Evil. They have no power in the near to future. All power of creation is being used to wake up all you sentient souls and to restore the Grid.

    That is why we have come more and more to help Humanity prepare.

    The Rainbow Warriors, the Rainbow Prophecy, and the Rainbow Light Body are all connected.

    More to Come at Another Time

    Do not become caught in thoughts, most of which have been programmed into you. But instead feel us and you will feel the truth like the Thunderbird charging you once again with Life Force for You will need it at these times when the Rainbow Serpent Rises again!

    Rainbow Light BodySassy

    Note: Shekinah is one of our presenters at the 3rd BC Psychic Sasquatch Gathering, on 11/02/19

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  • Maris on Global Warming
    From Judy Carroll on Facebook:

    Maris sent this message through on the subject of global warming. Very interesting! As usual, he's gone right to the...

    Posted by Judy Carroll on Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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  • Message from Matthew - Oct. 15
    Chemtrails; climate change; Creator, God: differences; soul lineage, spiritual evolution; free will, manifestation
    October 15, 2019
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  • Lost cities to rise up again?

    As I write this I know that I realize I left you all hanging. I apologize. I had mentioned earlier that Balana gave me a message about Atlantis and Lemuria rising again. I will try to the best of my ability to recall what was said and ask Balana to come forth and help me. Once again, I apologize for the lapse in time as I have been very busy at work.

    Balana, my friend. I call you to help me with recalling this message.

    “I’m here.”
    Can you tell me again about Lemuria and Atlantis rising again?
    “Of course. The Star Nations met with the Sasquatch Nations and relayed a message of an event that is scheduled to happen in an earth reality that many of you will witness. The Sasquatch Elders shared the information with us and they can’t help but share because we are all connected telepatichally, emotionally, and energetically. There is no withholding or hiding anything as is done with humans. What was told by the Star Elders was that in the year 2109 there will be a great earthquake that will happen off the coast of the Pacific Ocean. This earthquake will be so large that a crack will open up in the sea floor larger then what you have called the Grand Canyon. This crack will open up into the inner earth. As this occurs the water will have no choice but to go within the earth causing your shorelines to recede drastically. The inner earth beings know of this occurrence but most will not be affected as they are already living in another dimension where this reality will not matter to them. As the shores recede many animals in the ocean will lose their life and be stuck on dry land. It is ok because they have agreed at a higher level to experience this. When all is said and done hundreds of once underwater shoreline will be exposed. Life on land will see a horrible sight of many living things lying on the dry earth as the water swept away. It will not be pleasant to look at. Many will need to heal from witnessing this. But along with this tragedy comes great discovery once again as ancient Lemuria and Atlantis and other civilizations will become visible again. Ancient knowledge will rise again and be witnessed by your human species. Humanity will clean up the new receded shore line and descend upon the ancient civilizations uncovered. There will be artifacts, ancient texts, crystals, and technology once lost that will be recovered. This will be a huge event for the consciousness of humanity. As long as your people share the knowledge and do not suppress it.”
    I have heard that the beginning of 5D will be in ten years on the year 2020 and I just listened today from an Ascension documentary by Hale Mednik interviewing Su Walker that her connection to the star people said first contact will be 2021. How does this consciousness tie into what will happen in 2109?
    “This is correct. We are aware that the beginning point of the 5D transition will begin in the year 2020. We are also confirming that a planned contact from a certain race of Star People have agreed to make first contact with your species in 2021. Many people will be shifting their consciousness during these times. Some will transition right away into the 5D reality while others will stick around for first contact. Some will incarnate and come back to experience the great earth quake and guide others in relearning the old ways.”
    Wow. This is amazing. We actually have some time frames and dates now. Thank you for this. Is there anything else you would like to say at this time?
    “Nothing at this time but in light of all you have heard today do not be afraid. Fear will only set you back and and there is truly nothing to be afraid of. We are always here with you and are always looking out for you and stand waiting to assist. The Sasquatch People love you very much. We will see you in the forest.”
    Thank you my friend. End of message. Thoughts?fa9efb6a8143d3063b7ba51fda337057

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    critical mass, meditation, New financial system, silver trigger
    It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary ...
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  • Meditation for Peace in Syria
    critical mass, Peace meditation, Syria
    Meditation for Peace in Syria
    The next few days will be crucial to determine how the situation about the Turkish invasion in northern Syria will unfold.  The Light ...
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  • From Anonymous News:
    Man Accidentally Uncovered Top Secret Government Facility
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