I enjoy playing chess and playing drums and guitar. As a young kid I have my first experiences with phenomenon that I can explain going into my teenage years I was interested in anything that had to do with the Paranormal also I had my first out of body experience at the age of 21 was never able to duplicate that experience again. I have even read many books on how to travel outside the body one book in particular that I liked was Robert Monroe and another book from an author called Robert Patterson in his book he describes a blue swirling light almost like electricity swirling around his head and coming down over his body as I read that the hairs on my neck stood up because that is exactly how what I experienced that night happened to me this subject as you all may know is difficult to talk about in certain Realms of people who did not believe anything even if they saw it with their own eyes they would be skeptical so having a forum like on Stellar is cool to find like-minded people who had similar experiences and also search for answers and Truth.
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  • February 15, 1970
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