I am highly intuitive and empathic, I see light anomalies... I believe that I could be seeing another level of light spectra. I have had U.F.O. and paranormal experiences all of my life. I am of a "spiritual nature". I believe that there is most likely a higher "god" consciousness. I believe in exploring space, free energy and alternative homeopathic healing. I highly endorse the disclosure and declassification of the Black Projects in the United States, as well as a formal recognition and admittance and disclosure by the United States Government that extraterrestrials exist and have made contact with earth humans. I believe that everything is at least energetically linked and that what one does most certainly impacts another. I send healing energy, love and light to all of those who need it. Heal the Earth, and World Peace!
  • Journalist, Researcher, Writer, Artist at Examineenimaxe
  • Studied Overcoming adversity at Hard Knocks
    Class of High
  • Lives in Sacramento
  • From San Diego
  • Female
  • August 5, 1981
  • Followed by 273 people
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