Exploring alternatives. Connecting with Gaia. Growing the future. Building community We dream to embody fully those terms in the near future, in a world where housing is a business, most homes are designed to be dependent on centralized/industrialized systems to have access to basic resources and function. Requiring constant input from the grid, conventional housing can only satisfy part of human basic needs. Housing is a major part of human life and needs to shift to a new paradigm if people in industrialized country wishes to return in a balance with Earth. To shift we need a home that takes care of itself and most importantly takes care of us. Imagine a home that fulfill our basic needs is self-sustainable, built with natural/recycled material and is powered and heated by the sun. The Earthship inspired homes are one amongst many types of alternative homes that are complying with those requirements. When a building is autonomous it can be disconnected from the grid, freeing its inhabitant from the constant need of input that conventional home need to function and instead providing resources like food and truly clean water. This completely change our relationship with the building we live in. We are developing this vision with a lot of dedication for the last couple years and are now ready to make it happen into physical reality. On the 15th of December we are hosting presentation/community discussion about all the work that have been done so far and the next steps we are envisioning to take. The presentation will be live streamed, recorded and shared.
  • The Event was Incredible! We weren't really sure what to expect but around 30 amazing beings attended the event and were part of the organic discussion about the future of the community. The big points of the meeting are :

    - We are offering two ways to contribute money to purchase land; the corporate way and the two parties simple agreement.

    -Both ways were explained in depth pointing the pros and cons of these options.

    - Lands suitable to establish the future community was shown and discussed.

    -Different upcoming and ongoing community projects were presented.

    -Passion was transmitted through interesting conversation and hugs were exchanged.

    We know there are many that intended to follow the live stream but unfortunately the connection we had at Algonquin College didn’t hold up and we had to end the stream.

    To make up for this, we are planning a Skype call in the near future with those who are interested to address questions.

    There is a lot happening please stay tuned for more information!!

    Talking Trees
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  • If you want to have more information about our project you can listen to our past radio show here ---> http://www.blogtalkradio.com/talkingtreesradio

    or you can visit our patreon page here ---> https://www.patreon.com/TalkingTrees
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