This Saturday, January 12th at 4:30pm PST, is the next FREE ONLINE MEETUP for #AwakeningAnonymous, a #spiritualawakening #supportgroup. This new year of 2019 brings those on the front line of awakening the relief of a much needed “breath of life” energy. The opportunity to regain ground, so to speak, is extraordinary, as this time can assist to renew passion for our soul's calling, as well as shift our positioning from "barely hanging on" to mobilized and excited for strength training. This free online event explores #wisdom for #spiritualwarriors stepping up through #facingfear & #shadowwork. MORE: #dnaactivation #awakeningsymptoms #kundalinisymptoms #ascensionsymptoms As always, online #support & #community is available to explore the energies of the month, and all are invited to JOIN our meetup group AWAKENING ANONYMOUS. The next FREE ONLINE EVENT is SATURDAY, January 12th, and all are welcome. Register here: