02/02/2019 Starting Meditation Sound healing group: (My home in Coburg Eugene area (97408) Having nearly 30 years experience as a healing arts practicioner one of the things I do is conduct guided meditation sessions. Healing Sound Frequency is my favorit subject! What is it? A guided meditation sets you in a scene and takes you on a vision journey... A vision Journey may help you/me to deprogram previous mental, emotional and physical programming that the majority of us develop while growing up. Example: girls like pink and boys like blue. Maybe you are a man and you like pink. And a girl likes G.I Joe or Trucks. If you unprogram yourself than you will not have those issues emotionally. It is a releasing process: We re-act to these in many social situations in our lives. That makes it hard to be who you are at your core. And you may not be able to find yourself because of this program that is running your daily life. So many decisions are made by The Program and not by YOU. Release those old programs... for the New Year...and be free again. By observing your body energies it allows me to help you to see those programs and that will assist you in learning how to remove them. Once gone you may want to replace them with what you want in your world/life. Are you sensitive? Do you feel deeply? Are you numb and don't feel at all? Do you enjoy your life to the fullest? OR Do you sacrifice yourself for others? So please give me a call or text...or email and I will get you into our next healing meditation session. Group day is Wednesdays 6pm to 6:40pm. Suggested Donation $10.
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