July 19-24, a group of 12 woman will hike into Havasupai, AZ to discover their FLOW (Following Life's Opportunities Wholeheartedly) and support one another in doing the same. We will each bring our own talents, strengths, and gifts to this journey. Our main concepts and activities will center around LOVE (Living Open; Valuing Everything), letting go of FEAR (Focusing Energy on Alternate Realities), a deeper understanding of the SELF (Seeking Evolution; Living Fully) and hence a deeper recognition of our own intuition, which leads to our own FLOW. This is a heart centered program hosted by ColorFlow Life. This is a heart centered adventure and the cost is up to you ... it is 100% donation based. We believe in giving and serving freely, without attachment or expectation. For more info, contact: AColorFlowLife@gmail.com or www.colorflowlife.com