Founder and Facilitator of "The People's Disclosure Movement" and ETLetsTalk.com and the ETLetsTalk Community where 17,000 people in 100+ countries have been making daily, weekly and monthly contact with benevolent Star People & Civilizations since 2012. Membership is FREE at ETLetsTalk.com We host monthly ET Contact events, free webinars, ET Contact retreats, CE-5 Protocols, a CE-5 Member Map, social community connections and more. Join Us! :-) We are co-creating a Golden Age of Gaia with our Star Friends as we become Cosmic Humanity. The People's Disclosure movement is where we take back our power and create ET Disclosure ourselves by making our direct and personal ET Contact. We bypass the lies and coverups of governments. We transform from "Believers" into "Knowers".
  • Founder of ETLetsTalk Community at Planet Earth & Cosmos
  • Studied Computer Science at Indiana University
    Class of Lots of
  • Lives in San Bruno, CA
  • From Ft. Wayne, IN
  • Male
  • Married
  • July 2, 1953
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