Art is one of the most personal achievements of mankind. Since the dawn of time there has been within the human psyche and the heart itself, the need for expression of creativity in vast forms. Here I would like to start a project, a movement if you will. Art is of course growing in many new areas since technology arose. From graphic arts and digital painting, to developments of gaming platforms with prolific imagination! Here in this group I want to see this wide range of Art! A wise woman once told me that art and creativity is the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental manifestations of our souls desire for connections. Lets spread some expression :) Please feel free to showcase your Artwork!! (I can also re-post for you on my wall or in articles if you are in need of buyers for your work! I am a big advocate for Sellers!!) Or if you just enjoy great art from like-minded individuals....And please by all means add others to this group!!
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